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The World of Might and Magic Tour

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Balkan has always been mysterious to a traveler who would pass this land. None of them remained indifferent to its beauties and to the might that breaths from every stone, every tree… For thousands of years these areas have been settled by nations who nurtured great respect towards this land.

Legends, myths, ancient rituals testify about the might of supernatural powers that persist throughout centuries. Will You dare to taste the real magic, which stands for the most powerful one in the world?

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Let us start our journey from the biggest fortress in Europe, the Belgrade Fortress. One of the oldest fortifications in Europe keeps the ancient secrets of underground labyrinths. The legend says that the Romans, after conquering the old fortress, have started building underground tunnels in order to escape from the fortress and to surprise the attacker from behind. Not so long from the beginning of making tunnels, they have breached into the real labyrinth. They have decided to explore them. Many of them never saw the daylight again. Those few who managed to return never spoke again. As before the Romans Belgrade was settled by Celts, their mythology says that they have brought their gods with them. Stunned by the beauty of this area, Celtic gods have decided to make their palace under the city of their worshipers, in order to help them whenever it is needed. For hundreds of years, this legend remained unspoken, but You can still feel the breath of ancient mystery under the old city. Now, we offer You to take a chance and meet the real clash between the Reality and Dreams.

Let us proceed to the eastern part of Serbia, land settled by the Romans` descendents – people called Vlahs. Separated from the outer world, they live their lives peacefully, but no man who enters their land will stay unaffected by the unnatural beauty. People say that their magic is the most powerful one in the world. Their legends about annihilation and resurrection, demons and fairies, unseen and unheard creatures will thrill You to the limits. Natural distortions will take Your breath: healing Najdan`s Circles, twisted stone gates, distorted caves will definitely make You excited. It`s not only about deformed stone – it is bout the phenomenon, which experts cannot explain – deformed magnetic fields, super powerful radiation that heals. Whole sight will look as someone took a peace of fairytale land and put it into our, conventional world.

On our journey to the southern parts, we will make a visit to the ancient city and sanctuary of Viminacium. Thousands of years back in time, this city was the beating artery of old kingdoms of Ilyrs, Celts and Romans. They say that the souls of warriors take the passage of Viminacium to the underworld of Acheron. We shall participate in a unique ritual of burial and the start of voyage to the realm of Hades, Pluto, Velez and Taranis.

Quest for magic will take us to one of the candidate for seven wonders of nature – Djavolja Varoš (Devil`s Town). Unreal sight will make You shiver as we stroll among petrified nuptials. Old tale says that devil has come to one of the most religious villages. As he was jelaous of villagers` love towards God, he made a chaos in the village by making brother and sister to fall in love with each other. As God tried to deter the ceremony and prevent the sin, he has turned the nuptials into stone figures, as a notice to all the sinners. People say that nuptials are still alive. What more, every analysis confirms that they grow, lapse and reappear. Not far from the stone pillars, there are two springs called “The Devil Springs”. They contain so much acid that it makes the water impossible to drink.

We shall bring out journey to the end as we climb up to the Tara Mountain, the residence of Celtic god Tar. The name of this beautiful mountain is one of the rare words that pronounce in the same way in Gaelic and in Serbian. Old legend says that in times when Celts inhabited this lands, thei god has chosen Mt. Tara for his residence because of its naturals beauties. With our help, You shall find out why ancient god chose this mountain for his home. We have kept the most exciting story for the end.

Visit to home of prophet family – Tarabić from Kremna. Legend says that, when Tarabić family was looking for a place to inhabit, their eldest saw a snake with a gold coin in its mouth. Men started to dig on that place and found a jug full with gold. They have decided to found their new home right on that place. Two of the most famous prophets were Tarabić brothers, who have predicted many events, which all happened, or are about to fulfill. Their prophecies became famous as “Kremna Prophecy”. No one knows how, but the prophecies of Tarabić family are the most accurate ones ever given. As a conclusion of our story, we shall visit their home, where the original writings are kept, along with the mystical stone sphere, for which is believed that gave powers to great prophets.


Minimum duration:   3 days
Maximum duration:   7 days


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