Meet in Subotica

At the moment you enter the city you will fall in love with the atmosphere. The magical buildings in the art nouveau style will create the fairy tale milieu for your event.

The city of beautiful architecture

This modern city in Vojvodina is a museum in its own right. Its most prominent buildings include the Synagogue (1902), City Hall (1908), the Raichle Palace (1904) and the City Library (1894).

Designed by Komor and Jakab, Subotica’s beautiful City Hall is the largest in Vojvodina. The city’s citizens lovingly built it in 1908, in place of its dilapidated predecessor. The interior decoration alone took two years to complete. Concrete and steel were used to construct Subotica’s 1902 Synagogue, a novelty at the time.

Subotica’s 19th century theater features six columns and is characteristic of the neoclassical style. The theater’s first performance took place in 1747. Today, you can see drama performances here in both Serbian and Hungarian.

A majority of the buildings in the city center feature colorful Zsolnay ceramics. Their beauty greatly contributes to Subotica’s allure.

Great facilities and location

2.5 hours highway drive from international airport
Around 400 rooms
Hosts approximately 200 national and regional conferences with more than 15,000 delegates annually
Secession architecture – Art Nouveau buildings
Vicinity of Palić Lake resort
Numerous czarda restaurants and venues

Cute and convenient

The moment you enter the city you will not have to worry about the transportation and logistics. The size of the city perfectly fits your needs. All hotels and venues are located very close to each other, and offer all necessary infrastructures. The city spirit and magical touch, in combination with special experiences and opportunities along the wine routes, horse farms or nature based, will make them to “breed like one”.

From the hotels and meeting capacities, over the unusual venues and restaurants, to must see attraction and pre and post excursions, you will be provided with individual treatment and you needs and requirements will always be respected in total, having in the same time the savings in your meeting budget.

Fusion of influences and cultures have created the prefect atmosphere for international and regional gatherings and meetings. The pristine nature of Subotica and surroundings are the reason why apples her actually have taste. You can pick them straight from the tree. Join the grape harvesting. Make your own wine.

Tastes of Subotica

It is an exceptional destination for all those who value both traditional and modern values, a city where charm and hedonism are a lifestyle, living at ease and tolerance are the main features of its citizens. The gastronomy of Subotica and its region is well-known for its versatile offer, which is a mixture of different cultures and tradition. Hence, the dishes served here have their origins in the German, Turkish, Hungarian, Montenegrian, Bosnian and other cuisine and provide an excellent base for preparing the delicious specialties of the region.

The recipes for preparing the most delicious food mix salty and sweet, national dishes, but traditional and modern cooking as well. You will surely enjoy the diversity of the gastronomic offer, excellent food, excellent wine and the play of the tambourine men, who will play your favorite music with pleasure.

On the fringes of the city you will see large orchards and vineyards yielding delicious apples, pears, quince, apricot and, of course, grape. Having all that in mind, there is no special need to present the marvellous brandies and wines from this region, thus we cordially invite to taste them instead!