About Serbia

Welcome to the land where East meets West

A colorful land

Serbia has been standing for centuries as a connection between West and East: a colorful land, with unique mixture of civilizations, cultures, religions, climates and landscapes.

Situated on the crossroads of eastern and central Europe, Serbia has seen tumultuous history unfold in its millenniums-old cities, mountains and plains. After years of turmoil since the breakup of Yugoslavia, the country is emerging as the region’s innovation hub and a tourist destination.

Warm, welcoming and a hell of a lot of fun – everything you never heard about Serbia is true. Exuding a feisty mix of élan and inat (Serbian trait of rebellious defiance), this country doesn’t do ‘mild’.

Many times in the middle of the world’s attention

Many times during its rich, centuries-long history, Serbia has been at the centre of Europe’s and the world’s attention, regardless to its modest size, economic might and number of inhabitants. Many lessons on bravery, patriotism and the struggle for freedom can be learned wherever you turn in Serbia, as you pass through its cities and regions.

The cultural and historical heritage of Serbia begins with prehistoric archaeological sites and its legacy from classical antiquity. Perhaps its greatest riches, though, are in the many medieval Serbian churches and monasteries, some of which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

All year round, numerous cultural, entertainment, traditional and sporting events are held in Serbia, demonstrating the creative power and spiritual vitality of this country.

In the center of the Balkan Peninsula

Located in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, in Southeast Europe, the northern portion belongs to central Europe, but in terms of geography and climate it is also partly a Mediterranean country. Serbia is landlocked but Danube river connects it to distant seas and oceans. Serbia is a crossroad of Europe and a geopolitically important territory. The international roads and railway lines, which run through the country’s river valleys, form the shortest link between Western Europe and the Middle East.

From the agricultural regions of the Pannonian Plain in the north, across the fertile river valleys and orchard-covered hills of Šumadija, the landscapes of Serbia continue southward, gradually giving way to mountains rich in canyons, gorges and caves, continuously enriched with well-preserved forests. Beautiful mountains of Serbia, national parks, rivers and lakes make the perfect location for an active outdoor holiday – from hunting and fishing to extreme sports.

Today, Serbia is a modern, democratic European country, on the path to membership of the European Union, whith a diverse range of visitors – from young backpackers to participants in congresses and fairs – visit every day.

Explore places and things to do

The choices for travelling Serbia are as diverse as the country itself. Discover Serbia’s cities, states and territories, unique iconic destinations and events. If you’re seeking nature, adventure, art and culture, food, wine or inspirational holidays, you will find everything you need here.

When speaking about its natural resources, Serbia is a true jewel of Europe. As such, it offers various challenges to all real admirers of nature and wilderness.

Serbia is a landlocked country. Nevertheless, there are many options that compensate and enhance one’s stay in Serbia, throughout the year.

Contemporary Serbia follows world’s standard, yet with great respect to its national legacy. This is what makes Serbian destinations so wellcoming.

Countryside calmness, adrenalin wilderness, spa leisure and fantastic organic food. Serbia can comply to everyone’s needs and wishes.