Serbia Mountains

Discover Serbia beauty

Serbia has quite an interesting geography. While the northern part, Vojvodina , is mainly flat and abundant of rich river plains; Central Serbia is mostly hilly area. However – East, West and South Serbia have some of the most beautiful mountains in Europe. These are our crowns…


Kopaonik is definetely the most famous Serbian mountain and the largest ski-center in Serbia. It is a National Park with the highest peak at an altitude of 2017 m, 200 sunny days annualy and 5 months of snowfalls. With all of that Mt. Kopaonik has a serious idea of competing with some of the best European ski-resorts. For that purpose, Mt. Kopaonik offers over 55 km of tracks specially designed for alpine skiing in different difficulties and over 15 km of tracks for nordic-skiing. State-of-the-art technology provides the best possible experience for the skiers. Comprised with 30 ski-lifts connected into one network, you can realize the picture of Mt. Kopaonik’s potentials.

Lodging is provided throughout the mountain. Whether you prefer private accommodation in villas and lodges; or if hotel lodging is your preference – Mt. Kopaonik has it all. Every lodging is categorized according to the latest international standards, and always outbids the expectations.


Zlatibor is one of the most favorite resorts for Serbs. This highland complex is an ancient air spa , completely refurbished for modern needs with special care for the environment. Settled in West Serbia , well-known for its specific mountainous architecture, all of Mt. Zlatibor objects are specially designed to perfectly blend into the environment.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with options for recreation, then Mt. Zlatibor will suit you perfectly. Kilometers of hiking tracks are dispersed throughout the beautiful countryside scenery. Thick pine forests gave name to the mountain, meaning „Golden Pine“. Modern lodgings from villas and apartments to lodges and hotels, although designed in traditional manner, offer the latest international standards. Organic food is a trademark of this area, so the gastronomic quality is admireable.

Stara Planina

Picturesque valley of Morava rivers – Great and South Morava – leads adventure-seeking travellers to „Old Mountain“ or, as we call it – Stara Planina. One cannot miss it: its visible miles away; a sheer raw beauty, unspoiled by industry. Its prong-like look is stunning and makes people think of their minor size in regard to nature.

Stara Planina has another name – Balkan. It belongs to a vast mountain range which stretches all the way from the Black Sea to Serbia, and Stara Planina is its most western part; and a natural border between Serbia and Bulgaria. Its highest peak, Midžor, with stunning 2.169 meters is the highest peak in Southeast Serbia. Thus, this very mountain gave the name to the whole peninsula.

Its climate is typically mountainous – it is almost five months a year under snow, and thanks to variously angled versants Stara Planina is a perfect place for alpine activities – from skiing to alpinism. Several areas have intense skiing network, equiped with modern facilities and lit for night skiing. Adding modern lodging in hotels and private mansions made Stara Planina a new contestant to Balkan ski-resorts.


Tara was considered to be the home of the old Celtic god, Taranis. Your first trip to Mt. Tara will make quite obvious why: thick forests intersected by numerous mountain creeks and rich meadows are iridescent with wild flowers and herbs. Leaning over the beautiful Drina River, Mt. Tara is a true gem of nature. Add extraordinary flora and fauna, spice it up with dozens of endemic species and you get the recipe for one of the most respected National Parks in Europe.

Mt. Tara is connected with Mt. Zlatibor and Mt. Zlatar, and together they form a magnificent mountain range. With just several hotels, Mt. Tara is actually dedicated to those who look to return to the coexistance with the nature. Private lodgings are provided throughout the mountain, and are well contected with extensive network of trekking paths. There are several sites of great global natural interest, which are adapted to one-of-a-kind panoramas. That’s why Mt. Tara is favorite gathering point for artists and their colonies, for scouts and for adrenaline-seeking adventurers .

However, at the westernmost point of Mt. Tara you will find the greatest ethno-complex in Serbia. World famous „Kustendorf“ or „Wooden Town“ , made by our famous film director Mr. Emir Kusturica , provides a unique experience to the visitors. We cannot but mention the most famous attraction of this area – renowned „Šargan 8“ rail track dating from the earliest days of the rail. Wriggling on the sloaps of Mt. Tara canyons this steam train ride provides some of the unforgetable memories.

Mt. Fruška Gora

Mt. Fruška Gora is the only mountain in vast Panonian plain. With the highest peak at 539 meters above sea level, indeed it is barely a mountain. However, settled in spatial Pannonian plain, Mt. Fruška Gora dominates the scenery. There aren’t any ski resorts, but this mountain has the other Ace in the hole: Mt. Fruška Gora was the center of Serbian culture during the XVII and XVIII century. Numerous monasteries scattered throughout this picturesque mountain are a true gems of Serbian Cultural Heritage.

For those of you who seek an active vacation in natural air spa, Mt. Fruška Gora is a perfect place. It is Serbian National Park, with hundreds of autochtonous species of flora and fauna. Furthermore, nearby towns, such as Sremski Karlovci offer a unique experience for history lovers and true gourmets.


There is an unexplainable connection with travellers visiting Mt. Rtanj and the mountain. It’s known from the ancient times for its healing powers, and locals believe that Mt. Rtanj has a character of its own. This may be the mountain with the most legends and myths in Europe. Its almost perfect pyramid shape adds to the mystery of the area.

Regardless of legends, Mt. Rtanj is considered one of the most beneficient areas in Serbia. Besides and thanks to extraordinary climate, mountain sloaps are enshrouded with medical herbs and flowers. Settled in magical area of East Serbia, Mt. Rtanj is definetely the favorite mountain for campers, hikers and adventurers. The area around Mt. Rtanj is abundant of outstanding attractions: it is close to Felix Romuliana, great Roman palatial complex; not far from medieval Serbian monastery Ravanica, and in close vicinity to one of the famous Serbian spas – Sokobanja.