Serbian Spirit

There is a Serbian proverb which says, ” Victory is not won by shining arms, but by brave hearts”, and we cannot find a better motto for our remarks about spirit of the Serbs.

Serbs are loud

Serbs are cheerful. Our way of celebrating is unique. We love to celebrate out loud and we love when other join us and share our joy. That’s why we have so many festivals in Serbia, and many of them are dating from the Old Slavic tradition. With Christianity coming to Balkan, many of old pagan feasts became connected to Christian Holy Days; and tradition of „Vašar“ or „Panadjur“ is still popular in Serbia. Celebrating life is our goal, and we organize it to perfection!

Modern festivals prove it in the best possible manner – that’s why „Exit“ festival, Guča trumpet festival, Belgrade Beer Fest, Leskovac BBQ Festival, Wine feast season and many more events throughout Serbia are being more and more popular in Europe and world.

Serbs are proud

Yes, we are! Period! Not many nations in Europe and world can compete with Serbian turbulent history, rich and diverse culture and such a number of heroes: starting from great cultural influence of Medieval Serbia, through the rise of Serbian Empire which spreaded all over Balkans; even during the times of fall of Serbian state – we were fanatic about our legacy left to the descendants.

Even after the fall under great Ottoman Empire – Serbian language was one of only four official languages in one of the largest empires ever to existed. Now when the world commemorates a century since the Great World War, Serbia is still recognized as a motherland of „discreet heroes“ – peasants who managed to defeat the largest army ever to exist until those times. Implausible and ingenious tactics of Serbian generals – „Vojvode“ – are still being lectured at prestigious military schools all over the world. Serbs are the only nation whose enemies erected monument to rivals courage and valor.

Serbs are competitive

Of course, we love good competition – and we are used to win! Don’t believe? How about Novak Djoković, ATP No. 1 and one of the best tennis players EVER? How about Serbian national basketball team – multiple World and European champs? Perhaps you like volleyball? Then you have to know at least 3 Serbian volleyball players. More of watersports lover? Then take a look at Serbian national waterpolo team dominance, Milorad Čavić, Velibor Stjepanović, Nadja Higl, Ivan Lendjer and other swimming champions.

Athletics is our sport also – Dragutin Topić, Ivana Španović, Asmir Kolašinac, Jasna Šekarić, Milica Mandić, Davor Štefanek are only part of Serbian legacy to World champions.

All of that from a nation of very modest size.

Serbs are philantropists

Throughout its history, Serbia was a focal point of great wars and migrations.

Thanks to these events, Serbs sympathize with every nations distress. Although economical standards aren’t as high as in the rest of Europe, many of our citizens are used to donate whatever is needed to help someone in trouble.

Many of our celebrities have founded special funds to help out the weakest, and thanks to that – Serbia is recognized as one of the greatest helpers throughout.

Serbs love tradition

Not only their own, but everyone’s tradition is highly recognized in Serbia. Serbia has always been a multicultural and multireligious environment, and that’s what makes Serbia so special.

Serbian folklore is so rich that it cannot be competed with any other European folklore – starting from Central European influence on the North, through ancient Roman remnants in the East, unbeliavable mixture of „Balkanica“ to the West and oriental influence down South – Serbia trully is Europe in miniature.

Our cultural heritage is not likely to be unheeded on the World Heritage list. Check out our articles in our Magazine to learn more.

Serbs love to taste and toast

One cannot stay hungry in Serbia. Serbian hospitality is world known as one of the best and the most kept traditions in the world. Mixed with dozens of influences, Serbian cuisine is represented in vast diversity.

We love organic food, and it is not an option for us – it’s a must! One who attended SLAVA – Serbian Orthodox holiday which celebrates family protecor saint – knows Serbian culinary tradition. Feel free to try KAJMAK, PROJA, GIBANICA, SVADBARSKI KUPUS, BELMUŽ, TRLJANICU, GOMBOCE and hundreds of Serbian national dishes; and dare yourself to toast with Serbian host with RAKIJA and Serbian wines

We love to feast ourselves and our guests – come and join us!