Djavolja varos – Devils Town

In the south of Serbia, 27 km south-east of Kursumlija, lies a first-class natural landmark – Djavolja Varoš (”Devil’s Town”). Two rare natural phenomena at the same spot: 202 stone formations created by erosion, between two and 15 meters in height and the middle diameter of under 1 m, topped by stone blocks weighing as much as 100 kg, appearing unreal and yet lasting for centuries, and two springs of extremely acid water (pH 1,5) with high mineral content (15 g/l; content of some elements even 1000 times as high as in ordinary drinking waters) make Djavolja Varos a true wonder of nature.

The natural surrounding area adds to the attraction of these two wonders, depicting a rather harsh, almost mystical atmosphere, but at the same time picturesque and timid, just like the remains of the town, old church, cemetery, and several interesting mines.[divider]


According to the first legend, long time ago, this area was inhabited by humble, calm and religious people. This annoyed the devil so he made “Devil’s Water” to make them forget their lineage. As the inhabitants drank the water, they arranged a marriage between a brother and a sister.

The devil’s plan was interrupted by the fairy who, according to the legend, still keeps this area under her protection. The fairy could not reason with them, so the bride and the groom were on their way to church. At that moment, the fairy started praying to somehow end the incest. God heard her prayer and joined the earth with the sky, then the cold wind blew and God turned the wedding guests into stone.

Djavolja Varos has been put under protection of the state in 1959, while in 1995, by the Decision of the Serbian Government, it was declared the natural good of an outstanding importance, giving it the first-category level of protection – natural monument. Thus, the whole 67 hectares of its territory are protected.

In the recent past, Devil’s Town almost joined a group of New 7 Wonders of the World.

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