Serbia wines

Guaranteed quality

Whether you come to Serbia from the south or north, from east or west, you should know that you are welcome to this noble region. Serbia is the capital of untouched nature, healthy food – fruit and vegetables, but also the cradle of vine and wine, grape growing and winemaking.

Winemaking as a tradition

Sunshine and gentle vineyards of Serbia, grape farms of thousands of years, tell a long and honorable history. Grapes and wine have always given refreshment and ensured health. They were a source of strength to a farmer and a warrior, as well as the reason for their joy, fun and entertainment. And so this noble drink paired with life forever.

Pleasure and enjoyment in good company and the appropriate wine will only be complete if we find out something about the background, geographic origin, characteristics, and various other details that have influenced the creation of this divine drink in Serbia.

Wine in Serbia has approximately 700 species

Differences in configuration and composition of terrain, climate and other factors are reflected in diversity and quality of grapes, and so in diversity and quality of wine that vintners on territory of Serbia are producing more than 2 millenniums.

The first planted vineyards are dating from the first century at the time of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus and in vicinity of Sirmijum. In Middle Ages, during the time of emperor Dušan The Great and the greatest power of Serbian state ever, was made the longest ceramic vine slope in the world length of 22 km, that was in two branches leading to Dry river and Great Will all the way to imperial capital in Prizren! Barrels from that time are protected by UNESCO.

Quality of wines

Quality of the wines of Serbia rests, among other things, on a large number of small producers. Understandably, their wine production is not so large and the sales are done in a limited number of places, but the emphasis is on quality. Since the produced quantity does not require special advertising, the potential buyer is often forced to explore a little bit in order to find them.

The easiest way to reach them, and also a very pleasant one, is to follow the wine routes we suggest.

Vineyards spread along rivers

The greatest number of vineyards in modern age are spread along rivers – Southern, Western and Great Morava in central Serbia and along river Sava, Tisa and Danube in Vojvodina. Serbia is producing large quantity of consume, as well as the finest quality wines, which generally carry names of areas they are produced in. Wine is drank every day by households, restaurants, taverns, bars, cafe‘s, clubs and other places, but still it is the best to drink in the basements of wine with old wine cellars and their stories about grape, way of production wine, and local legends.

Fruška gora flavored wine Bermet is the most authentic Serbian wine, and Rajac and Rogljev are the most authentic Serbian wine basements, which are located in the mountains of eastern Serbia, as there is nothing to distract cellars with the delicate processes of production of wine.