Meet in Novi Sad

Welcome to Novi Sad, town with rich tradition and culture. Here, everything is flourished and preserved, and above all, the pleasant persons.

City that will challenge all your senses

Novi Sad will offer you challenges for all your senses: with its position on the Danube river, at the crossroad of the main roads, famous 17th century fortress, nearby ” Holy” Fruška Gora Mountain and numerous surrounding ranches, with its attractive old city core, prestigious Novi Sad Fair, and many worldwide known festivals and events.

This city can boast with its multi-nationalities, multi-cultural and multi-confessional society. Here, being different in many ways, represents a privilege.

Also, Novi Sad is a city of science and art. At University of Novi Sad, there are nineteen faculties with special departments for all branches of science and art. Besides that, city has its museums and galleries with their interchanging exhibitions.

Urban Strategic Location

Center of northern Serbian province – Vojvodina
45 minutes drive from international airport
Multi-ethnic and multi-cultural city
Natural elegance and old city charm
820 rooms in hotels
Master Congress Centre – 7 meeting rooms
Danube River and Petrovaradin Fortress

Economic centre for Vojvodina region

Around 400 thousands inhabitants live in Novi Sad, and this city represents one of the highly promising towns in Serbia for the future economic development.

Citizens of Novi Sad are very proud of their town tradition three centuries long and its roots can be seen radiating at every corner. This is one of those very few places in the world where one can live both calmly and dynamically, just the way they want.

The city of Novi Sad has got all the qualities that a contemporary tourist centre which wants a remarkable position on the world tourist map should have.

Thanks to its excellent position on the Danube River and the crossroad of main roads, Novi Sad is linked to surrounding places and towns in a very good manner.

The City on the Danube

The history of contemporary Novi Sad is connected with the building and development of Petrovaradin Fortress, one of the most important preserved fortifications in Europe. This connection between the city core on the left bank of the Danube and the Fortress and the Baroque suburbium on the right bank witnesses a multi-confessional tradition of the city that firmly relies on European culture. The Danube is the main street of Novi Sad around which the cores of Petrovaradin, Sremska Kamenica and Bačka side of Novi Sad on the left bank of the river are grouped.

The City has come down to the river not only with its oldest streets and representational buildings, but also with new city quarters, promenades, beaches, “čardas” (taverns), and weekend resorts. The visitors are usually surprised by unexpected and uniquely rich contents of an urban centre of Novi Sad characterised by Orthodox, Catholic, protestant churches and the synagogue, baroque, neo-renaissance, classicistic, and Bauhaus buildings, as well as those built in the modern style. Novi Sad is also a modern university city, the city of museums, galleries, and events such as EXIT Music Festival that has been awarded international rewards and that has acquired international recognisability.

Novi Sad, the city on the Danube, the city of European history and Balkan hospitality is the experience you are missing.