Meet in Belgrade

City of the future with rich tradition

City on confluence of two great rivers

Not too many cities in the world can claim what Belgrade has – two international rivers (the Danube and Sava). It lies on the confluence of those two. These important rivers give Belgrade life and a very special charm. The beautiful promenades with different contents offer various entertainment possibilities.

With numerous restaurants, cafes and clubs catering to many different tastes and preferences, you can understand why Belgrade is the “New Capital of Cool’ (UK Sunday Times). Remember, when you are in Belgrade – there are no limits! You can have fantastic time any day of the week. Belgrade never sleeps!

Events in Belgrade

One of the oldest European cities, entirely made of unusual history and its reflections scattered everywhere as glittering dust, Belgrade is today above all a modern and humorous city, with a peculiar carelessness that comes from self-confidence, full of hearty people and vivaciousness. The most common thing in Belgrade is to share with a guest one’s city valuables, as a little gift.

Mass music spectacles, masters of classical music, great selection of good quality theaters, opera and ballet, prestigious cultural events (BITEF, BEMUS, FEST…), good and diverse club scene — all this opens up in front of you in Belgrade like a flower. Don’t be intimidated by abundance. You choose how you will smell it.

No mater what part of the year you come there, the capital of Serbia offers superb cultural, music and entertainment events. Calendars, timelines and electronic box offices can today easily be found through internet browsers. And between all these events, as a connecting fiber, the daily life of Belgrade is waiting for you, not less creative, musical and entertaining.

Leading meeting destination

Modern metropolis with nearly two million people
Regional business center
National airport just 15 minutes drive from the city center
More than 40 international flights per day
3 course menu in restaurant from 15EUR
Coffee in a bar from 1EUR
Fluently English speaking citizens
International hotels and world class conference facilities
Belgrade is “New Capital of Cool” (source UK Sunday Times)

City with special charm and spirit

Belgrade has its own style, its language and glossary, world view, its “Belgrade Man”, its type of heroism and humor, its “local mythology” and creative unpredictability. All this makes the “cultural code” of Belgrade interesting, complex and diverse. It is worth discovering. You may reach it through Belgrade galleries, music, films, literature, but also through street art and alternative forms.

You have come to the city that has many taverns and restaurants, for everybody’s taste and pocket. Belgraders love their taverns and care about hem, each one of them has its own regular guests. It is nice to discover for yourself what each of them can offer, what kind of bite and sip you can find there, music and atmosphere. Bit, if you don’t have enough time for this, our little instructions can be handy.

Vegetation, silence and preserved nature, only a few hundred meters or a few kilometers from the city center, will surely do you good. Possibilities for excursions and picnics in the surroundings of Belgrade are great. You can spend a day outdoors on Ada Ciganlija, in Topčider Park, on Avala, Great War Island or in Košutnjak, as well as on more distant excursion grounds of Fruška Gora, Kosmaj and Surčin.

Urban features

New generations and their art find their expression and alternative forms, by influencing the appearance and sensibility of Belgrade. Former objects of industrial heritage become strongholds for new design, creativity and urban culture. It is neither margin nor “extended reality”, but one of the possible ways into the heart of things.

For decades, Belgrade has been an attractive destination for the shooting of films. It has been the topic in many films, in many it acted some other cities, bringing to life some past or future times. Numerous famous foreign movies have been made in the “Film City” in Košutnjak. Many great names from the art of film have been coming to Belgrade for this. And they are still coming.

Quality shopping opportunities

Belgraders are the people of taste, and Belgrade is a well supplied city. Even for foreign visitors, shopping in Belgrade may turn to be a good experience. There is a great selection of well-known global brands, diverse and imaginative local products and crafts, prices are favorable. You may also choose authentic gifts, for which you will remember this city, from souvenirs to original wardrobe of young local creators.

There are diverse products labeled with “Made in Belgrade”. Many of them make the visitors of Belgrade exited, for example gastro-articles of local production, from rakia and wines to ajvar and plum preserve according to the recipes of grandmothers, wrapped in decorative packaging. You will probably want to buy some of these products that are typical for Serbian region. A homemade fruit rakia, for example. You will find them in supermarkets, little shops or specialized shops.