Lakes and Rivers

Refreshment from the urban environment

Serbia is very rich with rivers and lakes. Some of them are transformed into genuine resorts, and some of them are blended in natural environment. This is where we seek refuge from the heat…

Serbia rivers

Danube and Sava rivers are the largest rivers in Serbia. Even our capital, Belgrade, is settled right at the confluence of these two mighty rivers. If you visit Belgrade during warmer months, you cannot skip the „Belgrade Sea“ – Ada Ciganlija holm in Sava River or the Great War Island beach – Lido in Danube River, where Belgradians seek leisure and enjoy various activities.
Anglers will enjoy all of our rivers, as the river fish in Serbia counts hundreds of species. Some of the faster, mountain rivers, such as rivers Ibar, Drina, West Morava, South Morava, Timok, Nišava are excellent for trout lovers, while large valley rivers such as Danube, Tisa, Begej, Tamiš, Great Morava are perfect for big fish – it’s not unusual that catfish examples weigh over 100 kg; wild carps easily reach over 10 kg; pike can weigh over 20 kg…

If you are more of a sports lover, then our recommendation would be Ibar river – rafting paradise. The great and barely (un)tamed Drina river is a host of numerous rafting festivals, and the most famous is Drinska Regata, held each year in mid-July. Uvac river gives you the chance to explore one of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe – mountainous meandring gorge which is the home of the largest European bird of prey – Griffon Vulture.

Serbia lakes

Most of Serbian lakes are artificial, but nevertheless – they perfectly fit in the natural complex. They spread throughout Serbia, with the northernmost lakes Palić and Ludaš, situated almost at the Hungarian border, just besides beautiful Subotica. The southernmost lake Vlasina, located not far from Bulgarian border at 1200 meters above the sea level, is famous for its floating islands.

Many Serbian lakes came up after damming fast mountainous rivers. They have perfectly blended into the natural surroundings, emphasising the natural beauty of the area. Such are lake Perućac, at Drina River; or Zavoj Lake – nested in the middle of beautiful Mt. Balkan . One of the most popular lake resorts in Serbia is Silver Lake, settled at the very entrance to the Iron Gate. For those who enjoy camping – beautiful complex of Bela Crkva lakes is perfect: dozens of lakes formed at the outskirts of beautiful Vojvodinian town of Bela Crkva.

Whatever your choice would be – all of these destinations are perfectly combined with other attractions in Serbian nature and form beautiful stories with Serbian history. Whether you choose active or passive holiday in Serbia, your enjoyment by the water will be completed with local mouthwatering specialties