Ethno villages

Ecological heaven in Serbia

 Idyllic and stress-free lives are still led today in the peaceful countryside. Nestled in natural surroundings, spared from all kinds of modern-day pollution, with forests, pastures and abundant greenery, life rolls along peacefully in the villages, where the climate is mild, the air is fresh and the food is healthy.

Traditional spirit of Serbia

Nowhere else on Earth can you feel the traditional spirit of Serbia as intensely as in its ethno villages, scattered across the hidden and most beautiful landscapes this wonderful country has to offer. They stand as the modern guardians of the Serbian tradition which, combined with the warm hospitality, bring the ancient ways of living and customs of old back to life.

Village households in Serbia always lived in harmony with the rhythm of nature and in general all foodstuffs, whether plant or animal sourced, have been cultivated on the property itself. Only salt, coffee and sugar were acquired elsewhere. In true eco-villages the same holds true even today.

In the last decade, a vast number of authentic ethno villages and farm settlements in Serbia has opened its doors for the locals as well as visitors from abroad. The term “ethno village” or “ethno house” implies a place that preserves the national heritage of its people, which is reflected in their architecture, national cuisine and the content of activities in which guests can participate in.

Organic food

Organic food, which is free from genetic modifications and pesticides and highly valued in kitchens around the world, is normal, easily accessible, fresh and – best of all – cheap in Serbian villages! Guests can even pick their own untreated apples, wild strawberries and mushrooms, gather medicinal plants, drink a mug of freshly-collected milk and eat eggs laid by or soup made from chickens raised not in the darkness of factory farms, but in their Serbian host’s own garden. All of these very simple, much sought-after and natural things are a rare and expensive commodity in the modern world.

There you can participate in the adventure of preparing spicy national dishes, or making the world-famous plum brandy, wine, honey, pickled winter food, and try out the old, perhaps already forgotten crafts, or enjoy in the antiquities our forefathers have used once upon a time.

Lot of activities

All “Ethno villages” have been created by those who have realized in time what will be the backbone of tourism. They all put a lot of love and imagination to illustrate the characteristics and hospitality of their region. They offer different programs, events, paragliding, horseback riding, rafting … Nevertheless, all of them have invested large sums of money to the restoration of the dormitories in the furnishing as well as implementing the requirements of civilization – the air-conditioning, internet access, modern bathrooms etc. In all ethno villages you will mostly feel great. More or less you will feel the spirit of tradition and see that there is a different life than the fast and urban but also modern rural. This coziness is missing in large hotel complexes, this spirit is lacking in small hotel rooms, and certainly there is nowhere such a relaxing lunch at fancy restaurants…

Salaš farms in Vojvodina represent a special type of ethno villages. Salas is a complex, consisting of a small enclosed space with a house and all the outbuildings and large agricultural land around the complex. They used to be lonely ranches in the plains, full of peace and freedom.

Guardians of tradition

The Serbian village is also the most trustworthy guardian of tradition. Folk skills have been preserved through local handicrafts, folk embroidery and the almost forgotten crafts of loom weaving and wood carving. Besides old folk customs, authentic folk music and polyphonic singing have also been preserved.

Ethno villages are usually surrounded with a lush nature and a number of historical sites and epitomes of culture. Intact nature, clean air, pure waters and delicious food, traditional ambiance, as well as the hospitality of Serbian farmers are the main advantages that these places offer, providing a refreshing break and a perfect getaway from the fast and stressful urban life.

If you want peace and fresh air, a touch of slow life rhythm, good evening parties sometimes, and the way to get to know nature, villages are the right choice…