Region of gentle mountains, traditions and hospitality

In the southwest of Serbia, 230 km from Belgrade, mid-way to the Adriatic Sea, is the Zlatibor Mountian. It reminds of a wavy plateau with the average altitude of 1,000 meters and 25 km long and wide. It stands as the passage to the lower Dinaric mountains, and its highest summit at 1,496m is Tornik.

Climatic health resort

Owing to the continental and Mediterranean climate and air currents, which can only be found here, the harmonious relationship between wooded areas of firs, pines and spruces and spacious meadows populated with beautiful plants, rivers and streams, the unpolluted air, healthy and clean water, a large number of annual sunny days, the hospitality of the people and the beautiful ski slopes, Zlatibor has become a renowned summer and winter tourist hotspot with the longest tourist tradition of any of Serbia’s mountains.

Because Zlatibor’s climate is ideal for people wanting to stay healthy and fit, and also lends itself to the treatment of various respiratory diseases, anaemia, minor heart and blood vessel disorders and, in particular, thyroid disorders, it has been designated a climatic health resort.

Tradition of tourism

Zlatibor has the tradition of tourism 117 years long, starting with the visit of King Aleksandar Obrenović, to whose honor a fountain was built, where tourists are finding refreshment to this day. There are also data saying that the first tourist in Zlatibor was certain Hadži Nikola Selak, who built a vacation hut in the village of Vodice, back in 1750.

Zlatibor disposes with more than 15 thousand beds of high category. Of that, some 4,000 are in the hotels, while almost three times as many are in private accommodation facilities. It is known as an ideal place for family vacation. Owing to its geographical location, Zlatibor has been included in many circular tours of the groups that tour Serbia, and thanking to the rich offer of hiking, alpinism, horseback riding, mountain biking, paragliding and swimming – the mountain has become the place for active vacations. All this is further expanded by picnic trips to ethno villages Sirogojno and Mećavnik, the visits to Stopica cave, nearby national park Tara or the special natural reservation Uvac. Zlatibor is well known for its gastronomic specialties, and most of all the ham, cheese and milk cream, as well as the lamb on the spit. The local inhabitants are the people of skilled hands, so many traditional crafts are still preserved, such as the pottery in the village of Zlakusa.

The hotels provide the possibility for the development of the congressional tourism, while sport teams come for preparations around the year.

Well-known as a ski centre

Zlatibor is well-known as a ski centre. Beginner skiers and children will enjoy the gentle slopes of Obudovica (with a 250 m-long ski-lift), while more experienced skiers will probably go to Tornik and make use of its slopes. Tornik Sports Centre is located between 1110 m and 1490 m above sea-level and is 9 km from the centre of Zlatibor.

The four ski slopes (Čigota, Tornik, Ribnica and Zmajevac) are ideal for slalom, giant slalom and super giant slalom skiing and are connected by three ski-lifts. In the central part of Zlatibor there are slopes for cross-country and biathlon skiing, which are considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe owing to their visibility and layout.

Throughout the year, top athletes come to train in Zlatibor and there are also basketball camps and instruction in paragliding, tennis, skiing and swimming.