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Nature is the best artist known to us. Not only beautiful caves, mountains and stone shapes prove that. The biggest nature`s masterpiece is the harmony between so many different species. We are taking you to some of rarest exhibitions nature has made…

Three of our lakes are presenting you raw natural beauty – symbiosis between flora and fauna, trees and birds, plants and mammals…

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We shall start out journey by visiting Carska Bara (imperial bog), one of the major reserves of nature in Serbia. Discretely fit in beautiful panorama of Banat District, it lies near mouth of Begej River into Tisa River. The legend says that the bog carries its name by the Hun ruler – Attila the Hun, and it is believed that he was buried not far from the bog, on the bottom of Tisa River. As we take a boat, which will lead us to the very center of this beautiful scenery, we will be enjoying in some of 300 bird species settled on this pond. With a little luck, maybe some of the roe deer or squirrels come near us.

The road takes us further west, to Zasavica bog, one of the major wildlife refuges and one of the last authentic wetlands in Serbia. With over 300 plant species, dozens of tree species, over 250 insect species, over 180 bird species and over 45 species of mammals, this nature reserve really represents an admiration to the nature. Many of these species are protected and there are dozens of endemic species – among plants, insects, birds… It is no wonder why so many nature lovers visit this beautiful site every year!

The last, but certainly not the least site is Obedska Bara, one of the first protected areas in the world! Over 500 plants species, around 220 bird species and over 50 mammal species inhabit this pond, which is actually an oxbow of Sava River. It was put under the protection as the high importance natural reserve in 1874, during the rein of Austrian Empire. Today, besides Zasavica and Carska Bara, it represents the most valuable bird habitat in Europe!


Minimum duration:   2 days
Maximum duration:   5 days


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