Drvengrad – wooden town

In a Mokra Gora, a village on the border mountain Zlatibor, Tara, and Sargan, which overshadows the hill Mećavnik of the film village Wooden Town, formed one of the most popular ethnic villages in Serbia, which is constantly enlarging. All ideas come from Emir Kusturica, who for the film Life is Beautiful, did the settings which grew into a town where the famous film director and lives.

Wooden Town is named for her looks, because it’s all made of coniferous trees, which are great natural wealth in western Serbia. In this fairytale world is through the gate opposite which is a wooden church dedicated to St. Sava. The village square is paved with wooden cubes made from ties of railroad tracks and around the chalets, authentic, old, and a hundred years, migrated from the nearby villages of western Serbia and Eastern Bosnia. There are more than a dozen log cabins, one with a gallery in another library, pastry shop with homemade cakes and natural juices, national restaurant, shops of handicrafts, and film school for the exchange of artistic ideas.

The whole complex was formed under the auspices of UNICEF, whose ambassador is Emir Kusturica and all for desire to preserve national heritage, and to bring people back to nature and ourselves. It should be noted that the Brussels Foundation for Architecture Philip Rotije declared this architectural work as the best achievement in Europe in the first decade of this century.

Since 2008. the film festival is held in Drvengrad, which Kusturica called Kustendorf. The idea was to design a non-commercial event dedicated to auteur film which will bring together prominent international directors, and students of the seventh art. The third Kustendorf star among the guests was the famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, a friend of the director, who was given a special recognition award for future films, and the actor was a big surprise when he discovered his life-size sculpture. This year, special guest was one of the most beautiful women of the world, Monica Beluci…

Article source: www.glassrbije.org

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