Nova Varoš area and Zlatar mountain

Mountains, lakes, florals, caves and animal world, cultural and historical monuments are only a part of the unique beauty that will strike all of your senses.

Zlatar mountain

Zlatar, an aerial spa,  ideal for vacation during winter, as well as the summer. Flower meadows, wild herbs, mushrooms, spring water, forest fruits, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries…

Mountain Zlatar is long 22 and wide 12 kilometers, spreading between Lim, Bistrica, Nova Varoš and Pešter. With its northern slopes gently descends into the valley of Uvac, while the south side sharply touches gorge Mileševka. By its size, Zlatar belongs to the group of smaller mountains. The highest peak is Golo Brdo with an altitude of 1627 metres above sea level. The name of this mountain summarized all of its properties: flowering meadows, clear lakes surrounded by pine and birch trees, a blend of Mediterranean and mountain climate, sunny days (951 h), salubrious air enriched with ozone, endless views… It is declared as a health resort. Zlatar by its morphology, climate, and plants is place with authentic nature , and it belongs to the main tourist region where can be held sports-recreational, pleasure, health and wellness, hunting, conventions, excursions and village tourism.

Wonders of the unpolluted nature will ensure You that this mountain bears its name with true pride (Zlatar mening “Golden”).

In winter guests can ski trail 800 m long, with a ski-lift length 420 m, which is located 200 yards from the “Panorama”. You can also rent ski equipment.

What to visit

Not far from the mountain Zlatar can be visited Special Nature Reserve Uvac. It is natural asset of greatest importance, I category. The main morphological feature of the reserve is the canyon valley of Uvac river including the valleys of its tributaries. Uvac river waters deeply carved their beds in the limestone rocks, thus forming narrow canyon valleys with high, steep limestone cliffs. The special value of the canyon parts are curving meanders. Relative height of meander heads can be 100m. Uvac is protected with the aim of preserving and breeding of griffon vulture, a rare species of vulture, of remarkable size, with the wingspan of up to 2,8m, which gives his flight a great power. Its role in food chain of eco-system is unique and irreplaceable-its primary diet is made up of carrion, it exclusively feeds on dead animals, which stops the spread of spread of disease and is a kind of natural recycling. This nature reserve, as well as ecological region scenery, clear waters rich in fish and the rafting and photo attract many tourists.


Touristic resources of this area are crowned with four pearls: Uvac lake, Zlatar lake, Radoinjsko lake on river Uvac and Potpećko lake river Lim. There are numerous possibilities for rest and outdoor activities – camping, fishing, swimming, bird watching…

Kayaking through the magical canyon of Uvac lake, beneath the nest of the “aerial king” (white headed eagle), is a breathtaking experience for fans of eco-tourism.

Culture monuments

Church in Kućani – the oldest representative of log cabin  churches in this area. Its gates origin from 1780. dedicated to the birth of Holy Mother of God.

Log cabin church in Radijevići village – erected in 1808. It treasures extremely valuable and well preserved icons made in wood.

Dubnica monastery – in the village of Božetići, belongs to the typeof churches from XVIII century.

The ethno village of Štitkovo is the museum under the open sky. The church, the houses and the school preserved the authentic look of the second half of the XIX century.

Kajmakama is the building of the old municipality. It represents very rare building of Islamic architecture built at the end of the XIX century.

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