Ravanica monastery


Moravska architectural style

Prince Lazar of Serbia burial place

Ravanica Monastery is a 14th century Serbian Orthodox monastery built by the famous Prince Lazar of Serbia, just before his tragic death in the Battle of Kosovo that took place back in 1389. year. The Prince was buried here and remnants of his relics are still there. Since then, the monastery is the target of pilgrims and an important center of cultural activities and gatherings.

A new architectural and artistic movement in the Serbian medieval art was founded in the monastery, which is called Moravska school. Following this example, many churches and monasteries were built. The monastery had a fortification but today only it’s remnants are preserved, as it was being repeatedly destroyed by the Turks.

Ravanica Monastery is located on the slopes of beautiful Kučaj mountains, close to the town of Ćuprija in central Serbia.