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Multifunctional Hall Belexpocentar (size 2500m2), can host 5,000 visitors and it is completely suitable for organizing fairs, congresses, celebrations and exhibitions with multiple and separated exhibitors. It can be easily divided to smaller halls, with easy barriers, and it is completely covered with electricity. phone and internet installations trough media channels over the whole floor surface. Direct connection with hotel and flexibility of the hall are the main benefits in events organization and advantages of Belexpocentar Hall. It is located right next to Holliday Inn hotel in Belgrade business district.

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Advantages of Belexpocentar hall

  • Flexibility of the hall and latest technology, enable this space to be designed just as you need it.
  • Direct connection with the hotel itself, where clients can book a room.
  • Complete support trough technical services, accommodation, catering, transfers, marketing and organization of press conferences.
  • Structure of the hall without retaining walls, and the derived technical connections and air conditioning.
  • Possibility to organize gatherings for couple of thousand visitors (concerts, congresses, fairs, banquets, etc.)
  • Parking spaces for 87 vehicles and additional parking for 110 vehicles near the hall.
  • We can organize meetings and seminars for 200 participants in Holiday Inn’s conference halls.
  • Enforcement of the strictest European codes related to security (sprinkler system for fire protection with automatic alarms).



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