Winter in Serbia – Kopaonik

If you are looking for a mountain that will please all your needs you are in the right place because Kopaonik has everything you wish for.

It is the perfect option for vacation if you are going on your own, as it is perfect for a holiday with friends. On the other hand, it is must visit when you are traveling with a whole family.

Serbia queen mountain

Kopaonik, the biggest mountain of central Serbia, spreads its wide mountain – ridge 83 km long, in the direction from the mountainous region over Mitrovica, to the northwest over the series of peaks higher than 1600m, to the highest part of the massif called Ravni Kopaonik (Flat Kopaonik) with the peaks: Gobelja (1934 m), Karman Vučak (1936 m), Suvo Rudiste (1976 m) and Pančićev Vrh (Pančić Peak) (2017 m).

Protected natural area

The national park of Kopaonik is acclaimed in 1981 and it counts a large number of endemic and rare species of plants and animals and is one of the areas with the biggest biodiversity rate in Serbia. Kopaonik has 175 species of birds, including the protected ones like woodpecker and thrush. Other species include rock partridge, scops owl, red-backed shrike, and woodlark. Major representatives of the mammalian fauna are a wild boar and wild cat.

Mountain wears the status of the most attractive ski center in this part of the Balkans and facilities are located at the top of the mountain and not at the foot, as is usual in similar world ski centers.

Skiing and snowboarding center

Kopaonik is mainly a destination for skiing and snowboarding. There are various other activities as well, such as tennis. Other features which attract tourists are a luxurious hotel and entertainment. Spas and wellness centers are a usual thing at almost every Hotel in Kopaonik and they are made in step with wold standards. It has 24 ski lifts, with 70 km (43 mi) of ski slopes for all categories. It is the largest mountain in Serbia, more than 100 km (62 mi) long. Its highest peak is Suvo Rudište (also called Pančić’s Peak) at 2,017 m (6,617 ft) above sea level. The duration and quality of snowfall and ideal skiing grounds have been attracting a rapidly increasing the number of guests. It has mild winters with a lot of snowfalls. Snow starts at the end of November and often lasts until the first May Day, which is an average of 160 days a year.  Average about 200 sunny days annually with 160 days covered with snow. Thanks to the artificial snow system ski season last longer and it covered 97 percent of the ski resort.

Kopaonik skiing

Kopaonik skiing

Besides tracks for alpine and Nordic skiing, there is a snow park in which many competitions are organized. If you are not a person for skiing or snowboarding you can enjoy hiking.

Quality facilities

Numerous escorted hiking tours are organized in Kopaonik Mountain and are very suitable for walking, and are divided by their length and the altitude difference.

And when you get hungry after all that activity, restaurants here justify mountains high reputation, known for national specialties which are must-have when you are in the visit. A set of buns, buns in kajmak, a wedding cabbage, a berry, sweet from a variety of fruit, are just some of them. Many restaurants are also serving modern cuisine.  It’s rich wellness and spas offer approve the fact that Kopaonik is following world trending. It provides divers and numerous type of accommodation available for any pocket.

Grand Oaza Spa Wellness Kopaonik

Grand Oaza Spa Wellness Kopaonik

This mountain is a favorite winter center among the younger and the population due to good entertainment and rich nightlife. Kopaonik is known for its  “après-ski” party, which continues until early morning in one of a large number of cafes, bars, discos, clubs and restaurants of the tourist center.

Here is also music Big Snow Festival from March 23 to March 29 every year.  Festival gather international reggae, jazz, and electronic music performers. The ski resort has Snow Park, for extreme skiers and snowboarders.

Surrounding attractions

In the bottom of Kopaonik lies thermal mineral springs and the area is known for Vrnjačka Banja, Mataruška Banja, Sijarinska Banja, in the Kopaonik region there are springs of Josanička Banja (t° 78°C), Lukovska Banja (t° 36t°-56°C) and Kursumlijska Banja (38°-57°C).

The historical significance of the Kopaonik region present the remains of fortified towns (Zvečan, and Maglič) on the peaks of the central massif and the mining areas, but also the churches and monasteries (Gradac, Pavlica, Studenica, Žiča, and Sopoćani).

The whole mountain massif of Kopaonik is named by huge mineral wealth which was exploited since the Middle Ages.

With so many things to do and so many places to see,..slopes, landscapes and paths are ideal for the those who are looking for adventure as for those who are looking for peace.

It is well Kopaonik is well-connected with the main transport routes in Serbia and easy to reach.

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