Maglič fortress


Finest example of the Serbian medieval fortifications

Built along the important Medieval roads for protection and control of traffic and trade

It is located on the hilltop by the Ibar gorge at the place where Ibar’s current makes a sharp turn surrounding Maglic fortress from three sides, while on the fourth side is a wide and deep ditch cut into rock. The fortress consists of seven towers and one dungeon tower connected with walls. The towers are typical for medieval fortresses in the Balkan peninsula with three solid sides and wooden fences on inner side. From the Maglic Fortress there is a marvellous view on the Ibar River valley and majestic surrounding.

It was included on the list of Cultural Monuments of Exceptional Importance in 1979.

Every year, the bottom of the Maglič is a starting point for the ”Merry Down River Ride”, traditional sport event for tourists- drifting. The kind of vessel doesn’t matter, what you need is a good sense of humour, love for nature and historic places.