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Medieval capital and Roman legacy

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Full day Excursion

For centuries it was the gate between East and West. Romans had a large settlement, and Serbs had the last Medieval capital here. It was the first Roman city devastated by Atilla the Hun, and the last Serbian city that fell under the Ottoman reign. We invite you to join our time-travel to periods of legions and hordes, knights and winemakers. Discover the secrets of the Roman legacy, Byzantine culture and Serbian history on our journey down the Danube river. Enjoy the autochtonous wines made out of Serbian grape sorts. Smederevo and Viminacium await you!




Morning departure from Belgrade to Smederevo, the medieval fortified city and temporary capital of Serbia in the Middle Ages. Sightseeing of Smederevo fortress, the largest medieval lowland type of fortresses in Europe.

Modeled after the fortress of Constantinople, its foundation was build in the shape of a scalene triangle. Surrounded by water on all sides, with numerous towers and walls as thick as four meters, and it withheld enemy attacks for a long time.

Traditional lunch followed by visit to winery.

Local wine cellars are part of centuries old wine tradition of this geographical region. Its tasty wines are hiding stories waiting to be told and hedonic sips to be relished during degustation time.

Drive to Viminacium archaeological site, important economic, military and strategic centre in Roman times, province of Moesia, today’s Serbia. It lies on the Roman road Via Militaries. Relax walk around impressive historical and cultural Complex of Viminacium.

Evening return to Belgrade. End of program and services.


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