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Kovacica Naive Art
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Jan Nemcek violin builder
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Kovačica – Naive Art Experience

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Full Day Excursion

Nested in the very heart of Vojvodina’s province Banat, the town of Kovačica breaths with an interesting mixture of dozens of different nations. Definetely the largest community is Slovak, which brought this town into very center of world’s naive art. Join us on an exquisite trip to the town of arts and crafts, learn the secrets of the world’s most renowned naive artists, visit one of the „last crusaders“ among classical music virtuoses in his violin workshop, take a safari tour on one of the richest bird reservates in Europe. Kovačica greets you!




Morning departure from Belgrade will take us to the Banat county, eastern part of Serbian province Vojvodina. Our first stop will be the kingdom of wilderness and the bird realm – Special reservate of nature „Carska Bara“. During our boat cruise and photo-safari you will have the chance to see some of the rarest bird species in Europe, and enjoy the true natural wealth in their unspoiled natural habitat.

Visit to the ethno-complex ith famous Hunter’s Lodge will enhance the adventure as we enjoy some of the most refined hunter dishes. After the break the road will take us further to Kovačica, village with the majority of Slovak population. This tiny, ethnically diverse village is well-known for its naive art – its colourful depictions of daily life – local farms, families, houses, harvests, weddings and wheat fields – that represent the traditional values and culture of which the local population is proud and which are highly sought-after for their entrancing portraits of rural life.

Visit the world famous Naïve Art Gallery with possibility of buying some of the authentic souvenirs.

One of the artists who also made Kovačica famous is the world-known violin manufacturer Jan Nemček. Visit to his workshop and listening his story about the hand making of the string instruments will take us to another dimension, and a small demonstration of Mr Nemček’s virtuosity will crown our visit.

Late afternoon return to Belgrade.


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