Smederevo Fortress


The last great creation of the Serbian military

One of the largest fortifications in the south-east Europe

This imposing medieval fortress is situated on a wide plateau at the confluence of the rivers Ježava and Danube in the form of irregular triangle. The Fortress was built to be the capital of the state and the fortified court of despot Djuradj Branković. It is a complex-architectural ensemble consisting of two parts: a fortified castle and an urban settlement. The castle with a ruler’s court was built in the first phase, as an independent fortification. Unlike in the previous centuries, when rulers’ residencies had not been fortified structures, from mid 14th century in Serbia, fortified courts were built because of general dangers at the time. The fortified area in front of the castle was meant for an urban settlement and is an important example of the development of mediaeval urban centres. The Smederevo Fortress defence system is based on the use of cold weapons, a result of adopting traditional solutions from the Byzantine military architecture.

Today, Smederevo Fortress is a cultural property of great importance, a popular tourist site and an exclusive venue for musical, theatrical and other cultural events. Event ”Smederevo’s autumns” is devoted to fruits of autumn (fruits, grapes and vine) with medieval knights carneval and a rich cultural and artistic program.

Smederevo is famous for ”Smederevka”, one of leading autochthonous types of grapes from Smederevo’s vineyard.