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Belgrade Underground Tour

Half Day Excursion

Discover Belgrade’s hidden secrets through underground and see the heritage left from thousands of years ago.

From numerous underground tunnels, hundreds of unusual paths, walled rivers, countless limestone walls, we have chosen the most interesting secret keepers for you to explore.


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Many legends surround the Roman Well, one of Belgrade’s most mysterious attractions, built at the beginning of the 18th century, during the baroque reconstruction of the fortress. It is believed that it was constructed upon a much older one, two thousand years old Roman well that provided water to the Roman castrum in the case of siege. The depth of the well is 60 meters and the bottom is below the bottom of Sava River.

Barutana was built during the Austrian empire. The goal was to make a safe powder shelter, a place protected from the enemy artillery. You will have the chance to touch and explore the walls of Barutana that was built as part of Kalemegdan and served as the defense against Turkish Empire. The collection consists of stone Roman sarcophagi, grave stones, as well as the monuments from the famous epochs – Cyrillic epigraphy and Turkish tombstones.

The underground tunnels bring you to Army bunker that dates from different times such as the Inform Bureau – a communist information bureau of East Europe, an important part of, at the time, the communist regime in Yugoslavia during Josip Broz Tito, and a Cold War, the post-World War II period. Learn more about President Tito’s political games with the great countries and military forces.


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