Ethno Village Tiganjica

Ethno Village Tiganjica is located in the eastern part of Vojvodina, namely in the Banat village Stajićevo. The village is far from Zrenjanin ten kilometers and at the entrance to the nature reserve Imperial bar, with the idea that in an imaginative way depict life in Banat. The complex was constructed in the old Banat or Lalinske style and it shows faithful replicas of Banat house and way of life of a century ago.

It has six rooms equipped with restored furniture, and is recognized by a large windmill Banat, manicured park, flower beds, ethno sculptures, and of course the restaurant “Trophy”, which is the basis Tiganjice. Trophy is a hunting restaurant, with national cuisine and dishes of venison. The restaurant has a fireplace where they prepare venison, dishes under the Bell, barbecue, fish, stew, homemade bread.

Tiganjica Ethno Village

In the complex Tiganjice there is a mini zoo where you can see deer, roosters, peacocks and ducks. There are also stables with thoroughbred horses and ponies and riding trails. For the youngest there is a children’s playground.
To complement the selection of recreational activities made the field for beach volleyball. In memory of the creator of ethno villages and restaurants Trophy built Ljubišin ethno Museum, which contains over 400 old objects, old cars, lawsuits, oven ….

The owners are particularly proud of the Banat ethno house, which was carried out recently, but it’s all as before, because it is made from natural materials. The walls are made of mud, sand, straw and unbaked bricks. The beams inside are more than 500 years old.

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