Entrance to Manasija monastery
Serbia Manasija Monastery
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Serbia Manasija Monastery
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Lisine waterfall
Resava cave Serbia
Resava cave walls

Down the Resava Gorge

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Full day Excursion

It is known as the center of the last Serbian Medieval Kingdom. Bastion-like monasteries still keep enormous cultural and historical legacy and wealth. This region still keeps the scent of long forgotten time, when Serbia used to be famous all around Europe. Picturesque scenery along some of the most beautiful rivers in Europe hides fantastic stories which wait to be heard by you. We invite you to the expedition to the Resava Cave, one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Balkan, to enjoy besides beautiful waterfalls, to hear outstanding stories from the old times. Resava county welcomes you!


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Morning departure to Despotovac, the town founded by and dedicated to Serbian medieval prince – Despot – Stefan Lazarević. To get a closer picture of Serbian Medieval Kingdom, we shall pay a visit to the Park of Miniatures – a unique tourist attraction in Serbia. Park nurtures the models of medieval Serbian monasteries, made in the  1:17 scale of their actual size. Models are made as a perfect copy of the real temples.

Our next stop will be Manasija monastery, an important religious and cultural center of Serbia at the beginning of the 15th century. Built by Despot Stefan Lazarević, Manasija Monastery introduced a new style: it was the first time that a Serbian Christian sanctuary was built as a defensive structure. It is a typical representative of the Moravska School, a special style of Serbian medieval architecture and art. It is famous for its fortification that were built in a special way, combining Byzantine influences and Western European trends. The frescoes inside the church are considered as one of the finest examples of Serbian and European medieval art.

Lunch in a traditional restaurant near waterfall “Veliki buk – Lisina”, over 20 meters high and its beauty and magnificence leaves an observer breathless.

Discover Resava cave, one of the oldest surveyed caves in the country, about 80 million years old, while the age of cave adornments is estimated to be 45 million years old.

Passing by Senje coal mine complex, the interesting mixture of living history and still existing contemporary mining. Historically the most important part of the complex consists of Aleksandar’s Shaft and associated buildings: administration building, workshop, and warehouse, used as the Mining Museum, a unique technical museum of coal mining in Serbia.

Evening return to Belgrade.


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