Zobnatica Farm – Horse Heaven

At the junction of roads leading from Europe to the Balkans and further time Asia, not far from the Serbian-Hungarian border, and within easy reach of Bačka Topola, settled in the famous Zobnatica horse farm that 2009 marked the 230. years of existence. The throat was raised at Zobnatica decades ruled any track of the former Yugoslavia, and significant results are Yes and in international races.

At Zobnatica has about 80 head, and the whole landscape is dominated by the racing tracks, stables for Gallop and harness racing, golf competition in show jumping, as well as the Manege-covered space for horse riding and training. In front of the stable is a statue of the Adriatic, the most famous throats this stud farm, built in natural size. The White Swan, to speak of him and today at Zobnatica, conqueror of the triple Crown, the biggest trophies for the Pacers. Statue of Casanova, a celebrated runners, located in front of the entrance to the Museum of horsemanship. This throat lived the average human life span, and a start had 30 victories.

Zobnatica Horse Heaven

The name of the agricultural goods which extends over 2800 hectares was first mentioned in a document from an eternal contract 1743. year which Zobnatica, as one of 12 would attached to the city of Subotica. A copy of this document is stored in the Museum at Zobnatica horse that historians say it was named after zobnici, a bag that horses wear around his neck while eating oats. At that time, many prominent of subotička family, and above all, an influential officers-border guards, they took, how to write, in eternal rent pitches several hundred acres and started to deal with growing horses. Bačka, the name of this part of Vojvodina, otherwise is extremely suitable for horse breeding, and they represent families of Vojnić, Terlei and Lelbah.

The first more stable in Bačka opened at Zobnatica 1779. year landlord Elijah Vojnić from Bajše. The throat was all year round under clear skies, there were strong, and is used for its needs and the Austrian army. The descendants of the Terlei, by purchasing several full-fledged English Mare, responsible for mixing zobnatičkih horse and Arabian races. To this day preserved cultivation of England race, which is classified as “Bačka horse”. The third family, the Lelbah, opened the barn for racing horses, and throttled the Rablo in 1925. year won the trophy of the first Yugoslav Derby.

After World War II farm and stables are were nationalised, they were the property of the State, and from a few years ago, the land and all the objects owned by a Greek businessman who is planning to make of this place a leading tourist centre in this part of Europe. Zobnatica with the environment is an ideal place for a vacation. Right next to the stable is an artificial lake of 250 hectares, on whose shores there’s always fishermen, but also tourists traveling from Hungary, at least pause to take in the lovely decorated beach. There are hunters, because there are all kinds of wildlife characteristic of lowland areas. Zobnatica horse team with itself, hotel, Museum, a gallery which was created thanks to the art colony, a small zoo, but also tourist attractions that announces the new owner, his offer attracts tourists of all ages at any time of the year.

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