The most important monuments in Belgrade

In Belgrade there is over 300 monuments, and 57 of them are considered monuments of exceptional importance to the culture of Belgrade, but also all over Serbia. They resemble the people and events that have marked our country and our capital city.

Belgrade’s beautiful, historic city, which has seen many wars and crossing the hands of many rulers and Nations during its existence. All these historical events have left some trace, was in ruins, architecture, arts or culture. We picked some of the most famous and the most important monuments that can serve as a starting point in exploring all the secrets and surprises that this city offers.

Belgrade winner

Kalemegdan Winner Statue

Today’s symbol of Belgrade, which author is Ivan Meštrović originally in 1912 has been designed as a sculpture that was intended to be part of the Terazije fountain, but was dropped from this idea because of opposition from the public to the naked male figure found in the city centre. The winner of the 1928 set on Kalemegdan where today proudly stands.

The monument of the unknown hero

Monument to the Uknown Hero

Another work of Ivan Meštrović built in 1938. year. Monuments of unknown heroes are up in all the allied countries after the first world war, and the action taken joined Yugoslavia. This place is really buried the remains of the unknown heroes. The monument is shaped like a sarcophagus, and the entrance are placed two sculptures representing an honor guard. Construction of the monument lasted four years and is located on Avala.

Monument of Đura Jakšić

Djura Jaksic monument Skadarlija

This monument is the work of Jovan Soldatović, located in Skadar Street 34 in front of the House Đuro Jakšić in Bohemian part of town and it was built in 1990. Đura Jakšić was a writer and a painter. Rebellious and freedom-loving, he wrote songs about freedom and lyrical verse autobiography, full of deep pain. He taught painting in Vienna and Munich, and he was one of the best Serbian painters of the 19th century. In addition he was also a teacher in various towns throughout Serbia. He was buried as one of the most respected and beloved painter of Belgrade.

Monument of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla monument Belgrade

Nikola Tesla monument was erected in 1963. year on the plateau in front of the Technical University, and the author of this monument is Frano Kršinić. For Tesla is free to say that his inventions contributed to the development of civilization. He went to America in 1884, where he joined the modern inventors of that era. Nikola Tesla is the author of nearly 1,000 patents in the areas of electronics, and the greatest invention is certainly AC electricity. To mark the 100th anniversary of Tesla’s birth, it was decided that the unit for magnetic induction bears his name.

Monument of Vuk Karadžić

Vuk Karadzic monument Belgrade

This monument is the work of sculptor George Jovanović, and was erected in 1937. year. Bronze figure of a Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, the famous reformer of the Serbian language and spelling, who collected Serbian folk songs and proverbs, released the first collection of Serbian folk songs and grammar and showed that the national language can write and works of art, located in the Boulevard of King Alexander. A monument was erected on one of the loveliest squares in downtown Belgrade. The figure seems modest and monumental, exactly what it was and Wolf, a modest man, but a magnificent and inimitable creator.

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