Burek – Ideal breakfast, dinner or lunch in Serbia

“Burek” is for many people one of the most popular foods. It is ideal as a breakfast, but also as a dinner. It’s just unthinkable back in time on the weekends and do not come with the team at burek in the bakery. We agree that we all love pie. But we don’t know how all the pie originated. Somewhere, we all know that the Turks brought him along on our premises and that’s it.

“Burek and yoghurt, please!” is the most common order that can be heard in Serbia’s pastry shops, and in burek shops they will only ask “With what?”, because that’s the only pastry they make. Between the layers of dough which are tossed and spread through air by burek maker’s apt hands can be found cheese, minced meat and greens, or it can be baked without any stuffing at all. There are also sweet versions of this meal, as well as the pizza-burek, but they cannot be considered as being the true, real burek. Serbian round burek is cut in quarters and can be made with cheese, greens and minced meat.

“Burek” originated in Anatolia in the early period of Ottoman Empire. Very quickly spread to the rest of the Ottoman Empire and was quickly accepted as one of the popular dishes. On our premises came 1498. year.

Niš – place of birth of Burek

First burek in Serbia had been made in Niš, and the first burek maker was a Turkish baker called Mehmed Oğlu. He baked burek according to regulations applied in the whole state of Turkey, regarding the thickness of the crust and type of ingredients which had to satisfy the high criteria levels of quality.

In Serbia, the most popular of them all is the Niš’s burek to which all residents of Niš are paying respects by organizing a manifestation since 2004, the only of its kind in Serbia and surrounding countries. On “Burekdžijada” festival held next to the river Nišava, bakers from all around the Serbia, Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria are competing in the skills of burek making.

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