They have chosen: Michelin reviewers recommended 14 Belgrade‘s restaurants for the Michelin guide

The biggest award and recognition in the culinary world is certainly the Michelin star.  When you hear that Michelin reviewers are coming to a city, know that the city is the future culinary “star”. Last year, one of such cities was Belgrade.

What makes the Serbian capital exceptional in terms of gastronomy is its geographical position, a fertile country that enables high-quality products to be available throughout the year.

Belgrade culinary scene

A rich history has left a culinary heritage to Belgrade. On the spicy culinary scene, the most dominant is certainly Turkish, Hungarian, and other Balkan influences. All of these have created an opportunity for extraordinary culinary expression and attracted the best among the best, Michelin reviewers.

All restaurants are valued according to the general and uniform criteria of the Michelin guide by anonymous and independent inspectors. Belgrade restaurants that are classified as recommended are Salon 1905, Gušti mora, JaM, Enso, Homa, Magellan, The Square, Legat 1903, Ebisu, Comunale Cafè e Cucina, Mezestoran Dvorište, Langouste, Bela Reka and Iva New Balkan Cusine.

Iva New Bakan Cuisine restaurant

Restaurant Iva New Bakan Cuisine took the title of Michelin Big Gourmand.

The mission of the restaurant is to keep the Serbian culinary heritage from oblivion. This is where dedication, creativity, and aspiring for perfection are at their highest level.

Michelin critics saw it as a neighbourhood café-cum-restaurant and awarded for great quality and great value for money.

“Traditional Balkan recepies are subtly refined yet remain wholesome and comforting. They favour using smaller producers”

Michelin critics

Bela Reka restaurant

The restaurant that is highlighted for its commitment to sustainability is “Bela Reka”.

The restaurant represents a mixture of modern and traditional cuisine. Recipes are both local and national, as well as domestic and cosmopolitan. 

The owners have a farm of the same name (“by the river”) in the Homolje Mountains, and their aim is to promote local farmers/producers and to preserve the identity of traditional Serbian cuisine.

Bela Reka is known as a place where you can enjoy yourself, drink fantastic wines, and eat great food. And from now on, it will also be known as a restaurant that took its place in the Michelin guide.

When dining at Bela Reka, food critics recommend starting with a Somun flatbread cooked in the wood-burning oven and progressing to a speciality clay pot lamb or goat dish.

Mezestoran Dvorište

Mezestoran Dvorište was seen as a place where everybody can have good fun. Since its opening, it has been a real culinary refreshment.

The owner used to live in Greece, so he brought the piece of Mediterranean spirit and revived it in a pleasant environment in the centre of the capital.

Greece (the owner’s former home) meets Italy in dishes designed for sharing family-style; meats are served on flatbreads, and there are lots of homemade kinds of pasta.

The Michelin guide

Salon 1905

Definitely worth admiration on so many levels.

The first one is a magnificent building in which the restaurant is situated. It is a masterpiece of mixed Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture, with a spectacular interior wrapped in glistening brass, marble, and gold.

Finest gourmet cuisine, use only fresh high-quality ingredients for every dish. The kitchen is known for keeping the recipes simple yet powerful.

Among other things, Michelin reviewers wrote that modern Serbian cooking showcases the country’s larder. 

Langouste, fine dining restaurant

Langouste transformed the Belgarde culinary scene with his innovative approach to gastronomy and daring recipes. Dishes are inspired by French and Italian recipes. The Michelin guide pointed out top quality Serbian ingredients, rich flavours and hearty portions.

Reviewers were astonished by the restaurant’s amazing view of the Sava River. Although it did not award the Michelin star, its head chef, Guillaume Iskandar, owns 4.  He earned them with his team in his restaurant in Paris. And who knows, perhaps he will manage to do the same with Langouste.

Although none of the Belgrade restaurants won the famous Michelin star, they are certainly closer to this famous recognition.

About The Michelin Guide

Michelin began publishing its European travel guide in 1900.

The goal was to encourage new drivers to visit local restaurants on their travels. Among other things, the guide contained anonymous ratings of European restaurants that referred to the mastery of culinary techniques, the quality and taste of the food served, and the “personality” of the food.

Today, Michelin stars are a label of quality restaurants, and they are not easy to get. Only the best restaurants in the world are awarded. 

Star winners enjoy fame, prestige, and honour. Today, Michelin publishes its guides for 23 countries and a large number of major cities around the world.

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