Check out Instagrammers that capture Serbia beauty

We see beauty only when we stop and give her time. We see beauty only when we stop and give ourselves time.

But there is not much time needed to see the beauty of our Serbia.

Moment capturing experts

Check out our favorite Instagrammers profiles, and enjoy in Serbia beautiful moments. These photo aficionados know how to make good eye candy, are passionate about their country and know how to find its best spots. If you’re thinking of hopping on a flight to Serbia, we suggest you do so vicariously through these Instagrammers first.

Miloš Plavšić

At the moment while writing this post Miloš Plavšić profile (milos_plavsic81) has more than 3.5k posts. So there is a lot to explore. 🙂

Aleksandar Matić

Photographer | Traveller | Explorer World Through My Eyes 🌍📷👀 Belgrade, Serbia In Love With My City.

Yuya Matsuo

Travel/Interior photographer, brand ambassador, Social Media consultant living in Europe. Yuya Matsuo is in love in the whole Balkan Peninsula so among his photos you will not find just Serbia, but also Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia… It is a great resource for someone who wants to embark on the Balkan multicountry adventure.

Dimitrije Tanasković

Great photographer capturing mostly beauty of central Serbia.

Vasiljević Nemanja

Cityscape & Landscape photographer.

Nenad Marić

Photographer and Videographer mainly in Tara National Park.


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Bojana Savić, multiKUL Srbija

Something a bit different, beautiful moments captured, that are mostly missed by others. Multicultural and multicool.

Photo communities

There are many beautiful Serbia moments captured by ordinary people, not professional photographers. There are numerous Instagram profiles that seek and share this moment. Check them out.

Slike Srbije

If you take a photo of Serbia and want them to share it on their profile tag it with #slikesrbije


Community | Contests | Features. Share your Novi Sad photos with them with #ig_novisad

GoPro Serbia

Great place for adventurers! Serbia adrenalin options are endless.

Meet the Serbs

Community that share mostly ethno, cultural and historical based Serbia moments.

Gradac Monastery is situated in Stara Raška region of Serbia. It was built in the late 13th century (around 1275), on the ruins of an earlier church. Gradac Monastery is the endowment of Queen Jelena Anžujska (Queen Helen of Anjou), the wife of the Serbian King Uroš I. The Church of Gradac Monastery is dedicated to the Presentation of the Holy Virgin. As the Serbian Queen, Jelena did a lot for development of education and support of arts. She was canonized by the Serbian Orthodox Church and her day is celebrated on November 12th. ——————— Манастир Градац налази се у Старорашкој области. Подигнут је у другој половини XIII века (око 1275. године), на остацима некадашње цркве, као задужбина краљице Јелене Анжујске, жене српског краља Уроша I Немањића. Црква манастира Градац посвећена је Благовештењу Пресвете Богородице. Као краљица, Јелена је много учинила за развој просвете и уметности. Проглашена је светицом и њен дан Српска православна црква прославља 12. новембра. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Photo credits | Aутор фотографије: ★ ★ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Location | Локација: Old Ras, Serbia | Стари Рас, Србија ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Keep following @meet.the.serbs and tag your photos related to Serbs and Serbia with #meettheserbs for a chance to be presented in our gallery. Thank you! Пратите и даље @meet.the.serbs и заједно са нама изградите лепу слику нашег народа и земље. Користите таг #meettheserbs како би се и Ваша фотографија нашла у галерији најлепших слика. Хвала! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Srbija #Србија #Сербия #Serbia #Srbi #Serbs #Срби #republikasrpska #россия #Europe #special_shots #instatravel #travel_captures #travel #beautifuldestinations #royalsnappingartist #travelphotography #tourism #architecture #archdaily #nature #naturephotography #church #orthodox #pravoslavlje #religion #manastirgradac #jelenaanzujska

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Instagram Srbija

First Serbia Instagram community. Tag with #instagramsrbija

Serbia Travel

Official account of National Tourism Organisation of Serbia. Use #SeeSerbia or #VidiSrbiju to give a permission to repost.

Serbia Incoming

And, on the end we have to mention our Instagram profile. 🙂

We mostly share our team moments, moments from our travel and event organisations, and from time to time repost great photos from others.

If you think we missed some great profile on this list, please add it in the comment below.

And don’t forget to enjoy life!

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