Serbia summer spots – Many options to refresh and enjoy

Have you ever been thinking of spending your summer vacation in some unusual and not so well known place?

Far away from the sandy beaches, far away from the scent of salty rocks and sea.

There is a lot to see, a lot to feel and experience if you decide to come to Serbia.  You probably know that Serbia, is a land of untouched nature, delicious food and people with sincerely warm hearts and smiles. But in the summertime, as the temperature grows, Serbia with all her smiles becomes even warmer.

We are sure that you have heard about Belgrade, Kalemegdan, Novi Sad. But let us introduce you to something different, something new. We will feature here some known, and some less known summer spots.


One of the most popular places in Belgrade is Ada Ciganlija, also known as the sea of Belgrade.

Ada Ciganlija lies not far from the mouth of the Sava river, only 4km from the city centre. Covered by thick deciduous forest, and speckled with clearings and meadows, Ada is now the largest, most beautiful and preferred walking area, beach and leisure spot of the Belgraders.

Ada is the summer resort of Belgrade, featuring many different grounds, water and extreme sports, and attractions.

Surrounding the lake there is a walking and a biking path, and numerous cafes, fast food stands, and kiosks.

The lake water is warm and clean and it is suitable for swimming, rowing, kayak, water polo, water diving…

Ada Ciganlija also serves as a cultural and entertainment centre of Belgrade, especially during the summer. Numerous manifestations are organized involving famous writers, actors, singers, cultural societies, choirs, bands and amateurs from different fields.

On the mainland side of the lake, there’s a parking lot for about a thousand vehicles as well as the marina in the Čukarica channel for boats, yachts, and smaller ships.


Built at the beginning of the 20th century when Novi Sad was still part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Štrand is a popular beach on the Danube river. It is located near the Freedom Bridge in a quarter called Liman.

There are more than 400 hundred trees of mainly indigenous species, flower pots, decorative lawns, which guarantee a pleasant stay.

Štrand is a very lively place, especially in summer, because many different ways of fun can be found there. Reading a book on the grass, playing chess, playing volleyball on the sand and other sports.

During the Exit festival, Štrand hosts daily beach parties. Other well known festivals, such as Vojvodina Fest and the Call of Flatlands, attract culture, film, dance, music, cuisine and wine connoisseurs.

For years in a row, the city beach has also been a port of the world s longest international regatta – the Danube Regatta.

Slow living, nice people, beautiful nature and Štrand make Novi Sad a great place to stay all summer long.


Mountain Tara belongs to internal Dinerides and it is located in the far West of Serbia.

Tara is considered one of the most beautiful mountains and it is an oasis of intact and well preserved and protected nature.

What makes this Serbian Mountain so adorable are landscapes covered by bushy larch forests, meadows and endless fields. It is ideal for numerous activities such as hiking, climbing, horse riding, skiing, boat ride, zip line, canyoning and Perućac Lake.

Tara’s rivers are rich in fish and suitable for any water sports you can imagine.

Mountain Tara was declared in 1981 the Tara National Park of Serbia, because of it’s rare herbal and animal species. Probably the most famous habitant of Tara National Park is Brown Bear.  There are 5 well arranged and secured observation points at the Tara National Park, with breathtaking panoramas: Biljeska Stena, Osluša, Sjenić, Banjska Stena and Crnjeskova.


Uvac river is a place where the magic never ends because it is born there and there it lives.

It is hard even to try to describe a place like this. Unique, irresistible, beautiful.

It Is a natural southern border of the Zlatibor mountain and it is the main tributary of the river Lim. At the end of its course, river Uvac is a natural border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Famous meanders makes that Uvac river looks like a glittering maze, filled with crystal green water. The largest cave complex in Serbia featuring numerous caves tasselled with pure nature jewellery, halls and siphon. The best known are Usak cave, Tubićeva cave and Ice cave. The ornaments in the Ice cave are in the form of drapery and can reach a length and can reach up to ten meters.

Uvac Lake, Zlatar Lake and Rodoinja Lake are artificial lakes made with three hydropower plants.

When you start sightseeing, you will not be captivated by sunsets, mandrels and nature, but there is a possibility that you might meet some rare animal and plant species. Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, owl, are just some of them.

Uvac river is a place where the magic never ends because it is born there and there it lives.  It has been said that the picture is worth a thousand enjoy.


Borsko lake is full of different fish spices and attracts numerous fishermen.

It lies at the foothill of the Mountain Crni Vrh, 17 km away from town Bor.

Water in the lake is like a sparkling glass, with a temperature up to 25 during the summer. Lakeshore is protected by thick forest and pine woods, and flowery meadows.

Decorated beaches with stone grass surfaces are placed in the most beautiful locations in the coastal area of the lake. Those places might be your favourite if you like swimming and sunbathing

The climate is mild- continental which makes this lake an ideal place for vacation, recreation, and refreshment.

Natural. Simple. If we could describe Borsko lake in one word, that word would be for certainly be: perfect.


Palić lake is the largest natural lake in Serbia and it is long 8 km with an average depth of 2m.  It is 8 km away from Subotica.

It’s beaches are supposed to be remains of the Pannonian sea, so the lake’s water used to be salty. The locals who lived near the lake found out the healing powers of its water and mud. Sulfur, strontium, and rubidium that were found in water and mud have healing effects on skin, nerves, rheumatism.

Some ancient sorts of grapevine are traditionally cultivated on this sandy soil of the Palić. Watching the sunset, you will enjoy tasting wines from some famous vineyards, such as Zvonko Bogdan s vineyard, and homemade food from Vojvodina does not let anyone indifferent.

Lake is perfect for swimming, sailing, water ski and it is a paradise for fishermen.

The youngest ones will be thrilled by the visit to the nearby Zoo, where animals are free to walk around. This park is home to rare species of animals and flowers. 61 bird species nest here.

During the summer months, Palić lake hosts a major European Film Festival. Numerous filmmakers and artists gather at the Palić Film Festival in July.

Palić lake is the right place for everyone looking for a pleasant holiday on the lake, walks in nature and good entertainment.


In West Serbia in Zlatibor’s County is a place called Arilje. This, not so well-known town, has a tradition of over  10 centuries-long, rich history great cotton and raspberries. But there is something, so miraculous in this little place, that is its biggest pride.

It is a crystal Rzav River and its breathtaking beaches. Barefoot, Sonja’s Charmes, Urjak, Green Beach, Gravel Beach, Yellow Rock, Suspension Bridge, Narrow Whirpool, are unusually named, but when you once visit this natural beauty, you will always return to them.

Dive into pure river water, tucked among the forest trees, far away from the crowd.

So if you are searching for a peaceful holiday and unimaginable natural shades, welcome to the Rzav River in Arilje.


Do you believe in fairy tales? If you do, let the magic begin.

When you step into Ethno village Tiganjica you will be gratulated by roe-dears, roosters, peacocks, ducks and other animals that belong to the mini zoo of Tiganjica. Walking down the path made of stone, going into restaurant Trofej, you might stay without breath, charmed by the flowers coloured in a rainbow.

In Trofej restaurant, pleasant employment could not give you better welcome, than showing you perfect menus. But it is very possible that you will be distracted by this magnificent salaš, so you will hurry up to see everything in it, and everything on it.

Tiganjica Ethno Village

Lots of details decorate this village, which seems to be made in the imagination. Old carriages, small houses windows, and more flowers beautification already beautiful place.

Laughter is coming from the wooden playground, shaped to look like a small castle for your princesses and princes.

Here, you can find accommodation in a traditional ethno style. Each room is unique and reflects ancient history.

There is no doubt that you will leave Tiganjica with a heart full of happiness and with a mind full of impressions.


And, at the end of our list of featured spots are rural ethno households with pools. There are many of them, and we are not going to list them here, we will just put some photos to tickle your imagination. 🙂

These places are mostly on wild mountains, in the middle of thick forest, and while your stay there you will have the opportunity to heal yourself in many ways. You will breathe really clean air, eat organic food, that is nurtured by your hosts there, enjoy great views, and be refreshed in a swimming pool.

There are many more places like this in Serbia, and we know some will tell us why did you put this, and not that. But this is just a preview list of Serbia options to refresh and enjoy during the summer.

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