25.of April – 10.of May 2013.

Every year in late April and at the beginning of May, the city of Kraljevo is the host of the event called “Days of the lilac”. It is held to commemorate the event from 13. century when King Uros I who was in love of the French princess Helen of Anjou, the future Serbian queen, has decided to make the whole valley of the river Ibar fragrant lilac plant and with floral species flourish bare cliffs of the canyon.

There is in Serbia, in early spring, a wonderful time when the land flooded countryside interwoven with beautiful colors, flowers, fruit trees and the scent of lilacs. All this happens almost overnight, and the array of colors and shades smells of nature it is difficult to conjure up images without words. It is certain, however, that the most beautiful impressionistic picture you can experience in the valley of the Ibar River, which runs along the Ibar Highway, one of the oldest routes that average age Romans expanded Serbian medieval kings, and today it is a modern, one of the busiest road junctions from Belgrade to the seaside.

Nowadays, Serbian people still cherish lilacs in the memory of Helen of Anjou, wife of King Uros I Nemanjića, who lived in a luxurious palace on the banks of the river. She was remembered as a very generous person to the people, educated and wise. Fascinated by the beauty of the area, the Queen’s 1270. year built Gradac monastery where she rests as a nun. It was also the heyday of Serbia. King Uros I was in his reign expanded the boundaries of the medieval Serbian state in the south at that time, started the exploitation of mines in Serbia led to the strengthening of economic and opened the way for the development of handicrafts and trade. Economic development has spurred the development of Serbian culture and well-being. Helen of Anjou has left a significant mark in the Enlightenment because her home was the school and the first library. They called her the first Serbian teacher because, in their home, she gathered a poor girl from the area and taught them various jobs.

Days of lilac and this year attracted a lot of attention of the organizers and visitors from home and abroad.

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