Bor Lake, Serbia

Celebration of International Workers’ Day is an unforgettable experience in Serbia!

For weeks leading up to May, everyone in Serbia ask the same question: “What are you doing for May 1st?” This is one of the most popular holiday in Serbia and there are many reasons for that.

Most Serbs and their guests want to spend the day having fun as far from the city as possible. Bor Lake is one of the best places for that purpose. One of the traditions connected with May 1st celebration is ‘’Prvomajski uranak’’  (May Day Morning) which sees people camp overnight to await the upcoming holiday or come really early on the day itself, before the dawn.

The main reason why the May Day is so popular in Serbia is the fact that on that day everyone wants to have fun, to eat all kinds of homemade specialties, to drink, relax and socialize, surrounded by nature.

This year on Bor Lake there will be program on three stages: pop-rock music stage, folk music stage and children stage. Our recommendation for accommodation is Hotel ‘’Jezero’’, which is three star hotel, located by the Bor Lake. The hotel has 121 accommodation units and offers additional facilities like: restaurant, playground, billiard, spa and wellness, bowling club, fitness club, beauty salon etc.

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