A town of Seven Crowns

Regal city in central Serbia deserved its name after it was the place of the coronation of seven medieval Serbian Kings.

Serbian Valley of Kings

If you fall in love with this city, its legends, and spirit, you will be enchanted with its centuries-old heritage.

Among the elfin nature, that surrounds this peaceful charming town, down in the valley of river Ibar, keepers of history and witnesses of royalty are rising in all their glory. Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, monasteries  Žiča, Studenica, Gradac, Sopaćani, are living monuments of culture and religion. Although they have survived wars, destructions, severe weather and even though the majority of their wealth has been ruined or stolen, the importance of the hope they’ve given, the grandiosity of their role and centuries of their existence can never be taken.

“The Merry Race”

When in that 1990 year, owners of a small “Kayak club Ibar” organized and the first river race, they didn’t even dream that it is going to be the forerunner of the modern regatta in Serbia. This spectacular event “The Merry Race” (srb. Veseli Spust) gathers more thousands of enthusiastic people who are looking for an unforgettable experience. Manifestation lasts for a couple of days and it is accompanied by numerous fun programs and facilities such as concerts, parties, visit the Mataruška spa, pool games, and others.

The race starts from Maglič. Trumpet orchestra, which is an inseparable part of the crew is in charge of the phenomenal atmosphere at the boat.  The team glides down the peaceful gorges and long slopes of Ibar river, which is also suitable for swimming. After a spectacular  27 kilometers of ride, incredible moments on the river, adrenaline adventure, and enjoyment in the beauty of surroundings, race finish in the city of Kraljevo. If you think here road ends, you are mistaking.

Fulfilling experience, unforgettable journey, and incredible fun make memories that never fade and that will make you come back again.

Other interesting manifestations that people of Kraljevo organize are– “Projada” (cornbread fair),  “Pasuljijada” (Beans fair), and “Žiča Sabor” (numerous fairs of folk art).

The scent of the centuries in a Valley of the Lilacs

We could not describe you this manifestation, without telling you a story of unique love, between French princes and Serbian King. It starts whit princes from Provence, Helen of Anjou who came in Serbia to become the spouse of King Stefan Uroš and a Queen consort of the Serbian Kingdoms.

In honor of his magnificent future wife, fairly known for her beauty, The King decided to plant Lilacs all along the Ibar river. Except for a warm welcome, the purpose of this generous act was to remind Helen of her home in Provance. And so, from then to eternity, the area of rocky cliffs takes its name as the Valley of the Lilacs.

In late April and early May, like no other place in Europe, the intoxicating scent of incense and lilac are mixed in this area. To celebrate this unrepeatable tale of love and to maintain the legend of the Lilacs valley, people are gathering around traditional manifestation “Days of Lilacs”. Participants are touring priceless endowments, Monastery Gradac and a female monastery which Queen Helen of Anjoyhave had left in heritage.

The central event is a cultural-historical show, and in the last year’s manifestation is sweetened with a cooking competition that connects Serbian and French cuisine.

A medieval adventure on a mighty fortress

And there in the middle of a purple valley, high under the clouds and somewhere over the rainbow is situated mid-age town named Maglič. The marvelous fortress was built in 13 century and it has not been determined who have built it. The total area of the interior is about 2000 square meters. Constructed on a cliff, 150 meters above the Ibar and from 3 sides surrounded by this river, Maglič used to be impossible to breach. For enemies who wanted to concord this majestic town, it seemed to be so elusive and unbeatable. Thanks to its inaccessible position its main function was to protect the valley of the Kings.

Nowadays, Maglič is more than just grandiose fortress available for visitors. It has become a place where you can always look for an adventure. One of them is hiking. On your way of capturing this fortification, you will find narrow winding lanes, cliffs, suspension bridge …

If you want to experience the authentic spirit of the mid-age fortress, you should not miss the famous Maglič Fest. Knight’s battles with real medieval weapons, knights’ games for visitors, a medieval bazaar, and old crafts are just a little part of the rich program that awaits you.

Worth of admiring, refined in all its beauty, Kraljevo is one of those cities that you shouldn’t miss.