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The modern city with an ancient story. Leskovac is a city of manifestations. All along the year something is happening.

Monuments and sights of a city

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of liberation from the Turks, a monument of voluntary contributions, symbolically named Monument of Freedom was built at the Main Market. Monument to the Unknown Hero on Hisar raised in 1922 was an act of honor to an anonymous captain who died on 26 October 1915 in the fighting for Leskovac.

Monument Park is the memorial complex on the eastern slope of Hisar was built in 1971 according to the conceptual design of the architect, Bogdan Bogdanović.

The place for prayers, an anchor for suffer house, a house of great importance Odžaklija provided a hope desperate time. It dates were from 1803 when the city was under Ottoman control and when rebuilding the medieval church that once stood on this site was forbidden. Instead of it, Odžaklija was built.

Among many others, significant historical and cultural sights are; National Musem, Cathedral Church, House of Bora Dimitrijević, Šop-Đokić House.

Remains of the history

As an archaeological, site Hisar enjoys the attention of both local and international archeologists. The hill was inhabited for thousands of years from Neolithic times to the early middle ages, and you can make out the enigmatic ruins of walls, houses, and an early church. A large number of architectural and other objects, a wealth of ceramic material, coins and a large number of metal, glass, bone and stone archaeological objects have been discovered that document the life of seven millennia at Hisar.

Near the village of Prekopčelica, not far west of Leskovac, are the ruins of Iustiniana Prima, a city built from the Byzantine emperor Justinian I in the 6th century. The purpose of the city was to serve as the magnificent seat of an archbishopric that had authority over the whole of the central Balkans. Reminders of once was wealth, are now debris of baths, a sewage system, fortifications, squares paved with dressed stone, as well as a basilica with mosaics and capitals bearing Justinians monogram.

Leskovac and surrounding are known for numerous archeological sites. The oldest traces of life in these area dates from about 6,200 BC. 15 km south of Leskovac, near Vučje, there is a multi-layered archeological site Skobaljić Grad.


Surrounded by mountains rich in rivers, Leskovac abounds with beautiful picturesque, landscapes, parks, places for recreation and relaxations.

One among them is Pasha Fountain is a well-known picnic area located near Leskovac and is suitable for sports, recreation and hunting tourism. A popular nearby attraction is Sijarinska spa, Kukavica mountain, as well as wide recognized Vlasina Lake.

Hisar Hill is an archeological site and nature park, above Leskovac. It is one of the favorite places for recreation among the citizens who are looking for peace on the slopes of this pearl. Hisar covers an area of 10.6 hectares and is one of the largest nature parks in the area. The beauty of its untouched nature is augmented by the thick pine forests scattered throughout the hill, and breathtaking panoramas at the top of the hill.

Must-see manifestations

Leskovac grill event (srb. Leskovačka Roštiljada) is the most visited grill festival in Southeast Europe. It only one week, as long as it last gathers over 500,000 visitors from home and abroad in only on At this event, gourmets can try the most varied specialties of the well-known Leskovac grill.

The Leskovac barbecue is accompanied by rich cultural and entertaining content.

Traditional program of the festival is the preparation of the largest “pljeskavica” (grilled meat patty) in the world.

Leskovac is a city of manifestations. Al along the year something is happening. The streets are filled with laughter, colors of interesting festivals, smell of popcorns and smell of cotton candy. People assemble to enjoy in events such as; The celebration of the patron saint of the city, Fair Exhibitions, Summer of Leskovac, Leskovac Carnival.