Zupa International Wine Fair

10 – 11.05.2013.

Aleksandrovac, Serbia

 Throughout the whole year in Aleksandrovac everything is about the drinking, making and talking about this wonderful beverage- wine.

“The Lady of Aleksandrovac” has walked out of the Zupa County Museum and joined vinegrowers and wine-makers from Župa region in promotion of wine and wine tourism in Župa. This statue from the Neolithic period, classified into Vinca culture, was discovered during archaeological excavations 4km eastwards from Aleksandrovac, and it was chosen to represent the symbol of the International Wine Fair Župa, which will be held on 10th and 11st May, 2013 at the Župa Sports Hall, The Museum of Wine-making and Winegrowing and the Secondary School of Agriculture “St. Tryphon”. “Lady of Aleksandrovac” reminds us that grapes are growing in these regions for several millennia.

As a part of the Fair, there will be a Wine Contest, Scientific Conferences about Wine, Literary Events, Wine Tour and many other activities.

Župa wine region hold an important place in the tradition of Serbian wine growing and wine making. It was drunk by Celtic warriors, Roman legionaries, Byzantine strategists, Serbian dukes and emperors, as well as the Turkish rulers.  The vineyards here are spreading over 2,500 hectares. Grown in the vicinity of Aleksandrovac are “tamjanika“ and “prokupac“, oldest autochthonous grape sorts. The“prokupac“ sort has been around for some thousand years, while “tamjanika“ is a muscat sort, originating from France, but has been grown in Serbia for more than five centuries. Also planted are the sauvignon, semillon, zupljanka and Italian Riesling.

Raise the glasses, and cheers!

Serbia Wine

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    • Serbia Incoming™ DMC

      Hello, Anne. Unfortunately, exact date is not set yet. But organizers say it will be in September. Have you been to Serbia and Aleksandrovac before?

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