St. George’s Days of Wine and Brandy

03- 05.05.2013.

Topola, Serbia

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.Benjamin Franklin

Tourist organization “Oplenac” from Topola and the Association of wine-makers and winegrowers from Oplenac region organize an event called St George’s Days of Wine & Brandy.

At the plateau in front of Karadjordje’s army barrack, in the period from 3rd till 5th May 2013, producers of wine and brandy, fruit growers, souvenir makers, traditional craftsmen, bee keepers and florists exhibit their products and present them to tourists and locals.

This event may be interesting to all those who would like to treat themselves with a day trip where, after a visit to the stalls in front of Karadjordje’s army barrack, one can also pay a visit to cultural-historical monuments such as: St George’s Church on Oplenac Hill, Karadjordje’s Residence House, Church of Holy Mother of God, Vinegrower’s house, etc.

We especially recommend visiting to King Peter`s Endowment in Oplenac. With the intention to build his foundation right here, King Peter decided to build an estate on this hill, where today his foundation is, the historic and memorial grounds at Oplenac hill. King Peter the First became King of Serbia when he was 60. He established freedom of the press, civil liberties and Parliamentarism, all of which reached their peak during his reign. He is one of the most respectful historical figures in Serbian history.

Oplenac Church

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