Unique Serbian delicacy – “Slatko”

“Slatko” is a typical Serbian specialty. In international terms, “slatko” could be described as the candied fruit, but it is not the same. The ceremony of hospitality in Serbia often begins with “slatko” and a glass of water.

“Slatko” is traditionally prepared in a wood-burning stove in open pots that are used only once a year, just for cooking “slatko”. “Slatko” is consisted of whole fruit, which can be identified in a thick syrup. Serve in small bowls with a glass of fresh water. Usually by taking one teaspoon of “slatko” from the bowl and sip water (if anyone wants more to be done new spoon).

The most common types of fruit that are used for cooking “slatko” are wild strawberries, plums, quinces, cherries, figs, blueberries and blackberries.

“Slatko” is known as the Bulgarian and Greek cuisine, and as “slatko” entered and the Jewish kitchen.

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