Google Map Street View finally in Serbia

Google Maps in Serbia is richer for another dimension. Finally all Internet users will be able to walk the streets of the cities of Serbia using a Google Map Street View.

What Google company say in their introduction of this service:

Beograd / Belgrade.

The Balkan soul – Serbia

When one thinks of Beograd, the first thing that pops into mind is WAR. Stumbling past bombed-out buildings, the city still shows scars of the 1999 NATO bombardment. However that is part of the appeal. Serbia is the Balkan soul and gritty to the core. …One travels to Beograd to go off the beaten path, one stays for the people.
Beograd is an amalgamation of New York & Berlin (only smokier). Serbs are as passionate as it gets. Quick to love, help, fight… voice their opinions. With a pet fortress, ancient architecture, thriving nightlife, Europe’s friendliest people & a mysterious accent, welcome to Europe’s newest hotspot. Belgrade is a beauty behind a veil of dust.

Check it out yourself:

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