Belgrade and other Serbian cities

Night full of art, history, culture and great fun!

This year`s 10th anniversary of Museum Night promises unforgettable experience in Serbian capital of Belgrade and many other cities.

Museum Night is art production group whose aim is to gather eminent artists, art historians, sociologists, culturologists and everybody else who is somehow connected with culture in order to affirm universal cultural and artistic values through creative initiatives.

The Museum Night is an exceptional event, held every year in May, not only in Belgrade but also in the main cities across Serbia. Museums, galleries and other exhibition spaces are opened to the public whole night. Unique and interesting events, performances, concerts, fashion shows and thematic exhibitions, along with permanent museums exhibitions take place in just one night, offering a not to be missed occasion.

This year 68 other Serbian cities are going to participate in this manifestation. The richest program will be in Belgrade. Except for the unusual opening times at the standard museums such as Princess Ljubica`s Residence, Art Museum, Natural Museum, Jewish Historical Museum etc., there are some exhibitions open just for this night, Museum night.

Last year, over 500,000 people visited Belgrade’s museums and galleries during the 9th annual Museum Night in Serbia.

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