The Old (Balkan) mountain waterfall beauty

When the prettiest postcard revives, birds sing delightful songs, plants bloom in all its splendor and the sky shines with most beautiful blue.

Known for her beauty Old mountain is very popular for exploring nature during the warm days but it is nothing less attractive in the winter time.

Except for the remarkable ski system, rich offer of hotels, numerous sports activities, and gastronomy, Old Mountain has a spectrum of unbelievable places, waiting to be seen.

Due to upcoming days, when snowflakes overcome the horizon, we represent you one of her miraculous.

High in the hills sleeps an imaginary area.

Located  100 km from Niš and four kilometers upstream from the village of Dojkinci, in the very heart of Stara Planina, lives one of the most beautiful and probably the most interesting waterfall in Serbia. Tupavica Waterfall.

Waterfall Tupavica Old Mountain

Waterfall Tupavica Old Mountain

Thanks to its location, because of its height of 25 meters and magnificence, Waterfall Tupavica has great tourist importance.

In the period of the spring and summer, the waterfall is shown in all its glory. Old Mountain waterfalls are known as a tourist attraction in the winter months when they are completely frozen and present true masterpieces of nature.

Turned into the frozen wall they are a rare natural phenomenon.

“Although it can be very harsh, during the winter months Old mountain is full of fairy-tale landscapes and scenery. Increasing number of hikers are interested in a winter tour of the falls, but also for climbing on frozen waterfalls, of course, with the right equipment. The most interesting waterfalls for a winter tour are the Čungulj and Piljsai waterfall in Old Mountain” Robert Ilić, a licensed mountain guide from Pirot Mountaineering Club “Vidlič”, said for Tanjug.

While this extreme sport is becoming very popular, there is no lack of interest for the old, traditional ones.

Nearly five months of this year, tall beauty is under the snow.  That is why is not surprising why skiers are choosing this mount for winter recreation, relaxation, and sports.

The most popular ski resorts here are Babin Zub and Jabučko ravnište, where was built the first Gondola in Serbia.

Gondola with 8 seats transports skiers from the future system of lifts and trails. More than 13 kilometers of perfectly groomed trails, of varying difficulty, are prepared for skiers of all categories, and there is also unmarked track for those who like extreme skiing.

Hiking, Alpiining, walking, snowboarding, and other winter sports, hunting or just some wide activities palet, that Old Montin has to offer.

Whoever comes to this beauty of East Serbia, always come back again.

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