Mikser Festival

28.05. – 02.06.2013.

Belgrade- Savamala, Serbia

Mikser is a non-for-profit network of professionals and enthusiasts involved in production of various trans-cultural projects dedicated to development of creative economy in Serbia and the region.

Mikser organizes competitions, exhibitions, cultural events, conferences, educational courses and lectures. The results of Mikser’s collaborations are projects that establish dialog between contemporary global tendencies and local creative scene and industries. MIKSER’s philosophy is based on the nurture of young talents, not only from the sphere of design, but also from various other creative disciplines.

The symbiosis of Savamala and Mikser festival is reflected in the concept of the program – they are departing from the divisions according to zones: Expo, Art, Talent, Contact and Party Zone. The program consists of a web of individual, interdisciplinary artist/curator projects, and each project consists of more than one segment: an exhibition, lectures, workshops and concerts.

Savamala is cultural and also party district, far removed from the image of a hidden-away, isolated riverfront toponym, which offers an unobtrusive connection between architecture, art and the public.

Belgrade port Danube

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