The most delicious article – Our top 7 Belgrade pastry shops

Belgrade, like every city, has its own taste. If you take only one bite of this White town you will evidently fall in love with him. Unique, unpredictable, delicate and sweet. Delicious and unforgettable. This is the city that thrills even those with most refined taste.

Among numerous recipes which are telling you what to see or what to do in our Capital, we suggest you something else, we suggest you try it.

So would you like to see the Belgrade’s through the eyes of sweets lovers, both those who make them and those who taste them? Would you like to see from what ingredients it is made of?

Sooo. Let s go.

Mamas Biskvit House

In the old part of town, among the shadows and scents of a garden yard, scenery we only saw in postcards is rising up in front of us.

Like a house made of chocolate and marmalade that is lurching you to take just one more step. And when you do, your forgotten wishes are going to be unlocked.

Colores of blue and red, yellow and green, rainbow creams, combined into most creative shapes and tastes are lying there, in front of you. Mamas Biskvit house is using high-class domestic materials, so they always have fresh products, which provides the quality and taste they are proud of.

In this family business, today’s leaders of the pastry are the third generation who have stirred their fingers into this sweet world. Day by day, these people are showing us that when you do what you love, with those you love everything you made is going to be an art of love. And that is why this place is a real little store of love.

Litle Prince

We all know a story about a boy who showed us how to stay forever children.

Once in a while, he appears in our lives reminding us that he exists in each one of us. And that sometimes, we all need a sweet break.

Gathered around the gold of providing us a chance to stay in our childhood dreams, leaders of this pastries have joined, and it was enough to make something so different, so exquisite. Giving the ode to that one, little boy, pastry Litle Prince was born. And there, another story began.

In a little, sweet pieces of delightful wonders, hosts of the little prince are bringing to us important message. A message that the time you invest in something is exactly what makes it so special. Involving their ideals in innovational ideas in great recipes, they are a group of dedicated, enthusiastic people, who easily stay among the best cakes bosses in Belgrade. And wider.

It is without a doubt that this place is a gem, a must-visit for all tourists and locals alike.

Ferdinand Dumplings

When a Young married couple, full of enthusiasm and imagination created seductive dumplings, giving to each one a spice of dedication and intention, they had a clear vision how to mesmerize every one of us.

And bring to us whole new experience.

And at the moment you walk in this tucked local in the center of the Belgrade, the magic is going in to begin. Cozy, lovely, full of details and worth of admiration interior cannot be described properly by words. Here everything is created to let you provide the word to your senses.

The most amazing combinations of ingredients are packed in numerous flavors, sweet and salty, creamy and yummy, and then effectively served on a wooden plate together, only in Ferdinand Dumplings.

Homemade, and always fresh, with plums, dark chocolate, and cherry, mushrooms and truffle oil, dumplings with sweet cheese and raspberries, with four kinds of cheese, Nutella, and plazma they may give you difficulty to do decide which one you should try first.

Moskva Pastry

In one of the oldest and most visited Hotels in Belgrade is also one the most delicious pastries in Capital. As an integral part of Moskva Hotel, pastry and tea house Čajkovski represent a small heaven for all admirers of a good taste.

Here is where tradition is kept for centuries, transmitting through generations of best confectioners connected in achieving one sweet goal. The goal of making only the best and most magnificent desserts you will ever try. And only with the best ingredients and the dedicated preparation you may create so palatable flavors.

Thanks to its architecture, style, and historical significance Hotel Moskva has always been a place of social gatherings, pure elegance, business meetings and a corner for sweet lovers from all over the world.

The specialty and a brand of the house is a famous Moskva shnit, whose recipes were created in 1974 and it has been the favorite cake of Belgrade’s citizens for over four decades. It is prepared throughout the region, but there is only one original. Right here.

Thanks to the pedigree like this, Hotel Moskva and it is a place that exudes with classy but domestic atmosphere draped in irresistible character.

Sugar and Spice

One unusual restaurant on the cost of the Danube brought to Belgrade’s citizen’s refreshing concept.

With a movie atmosphere and with most groovy pancakes you will ever try, from its opening until today, still manages to surprise us.

Located in Hotel Jugoslavija, Sugar and Spice attract most variety guest, such as parents with children, teenagers, business people, international and national guest.

The whole concept has been devised as a place from the 70s and. With its disco style, quite impressive music and waitress that serves you on roller skates, you might have a feeling that you back in the past millennium.

Polite stuff is always ready to help you make your choice, among long menu with a sweet and savory selection of pancakes, waffles, milkshakes.

You also have a chance to eat meat, different kind of cheese, vegetable and try many colorful alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Sugar and spice really bring us everything nice.

Mandarina Cake Shop

In a small store on a street, not too far from the Knez Mihailova is a gate to another world.

If you open it, you will find yourself in a whole new dimension, different than anything you use to. Different than anything you have seen so far. And you will be just like a child lost in a store of chocolate.

Futuristic uniforms worn by polite staff is fallowing ultra modern decor of this place.

Interior with only a few seats, announce friendly and intimate atmosphere.

The owner is a well-known chocolatier so it is not the unusual way his cakes have a divine taste.Each piece of cake is exquisitely designed, colorful, and precise.

One can not describe the taste of the cakes they make because each cake is a little masterpiece! They are so beautiful that you would fall in love with them at first sight even if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

Textures, taste,  looks, and the wow effect makes Mandarina cake shop to be one of the best places in the city. Where you will, without any doubt, spoil yourself.

Pelivan Pastry

For over 167 years Pelivan pastry has been sweetened their visitors. Even its name is so sweet, that it is impossible to resist.

Opened in 1851. Pelivan started to make cakes based on recipes that still joyful us. Here, some of the oldest and loveliest deserts were born and translated from generation to generation.

This old pastry in a center of a town and everything in it exudes with senses and flavors of careless times.  Its rich history is displayed on the walls and it hat does not have to modernize itself because it Is perfect just the way it is.

And it all owes to its hard-working, genius hosts that make products without time limit, products for a lifetime. Pelivan is best known for its phenomenal ice cream, lemonade, doboš cake, and candies. Here grannies and grandpas are retelling to their grandchildren about the time when there were brought for delights.

Harmon, family, peace, and sweets. If there is the only recipe for love, we are sure this would be the right one.

It has been welcoming and saluting us for more than century, and it is a must visit Pastry in Belgrade.


When it comes to sweet treats, we are all trying our best to stay away as much as it is possible. But what would life be, if not a wonderful, friendly place made for pleasure and happiness. And deserts.

And if you are still reading this article imagining its taste, our recommendation is.. just go out and find you your sweetest taboo.

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