Days of vintage grape

Traditional Days of Vintage Grape, this year is going to be held for the time. More than half a century, Vrsac and their guests, on the third week of September, are celebrating the rich and successful harvest with music and merriment drinking wine.  All who visit Vrsac in these three days, have the opportunity to taste the famous Vrsac wines, to buy grapes, visit the cellars and vineyards, listen to Tambura and enjoy the rich cultural, artistic, sports and other activities. Inhabitants of Vrsac are not missing to fry sausages on a large gas grill,  a peculiar attraction of this event. Protective personality of Harvest is Vinko Lozić, famous drunkard, a figure that is created by Serbian great writer Jovan Sterija Popovic,  and whome the president of local municipality gives the keys of the city.

Event will be complemented by visits to the wine cellars, wine tastings and schools, conquering the highest peak of Vojvodina, Gudurički peak  and much more other amenities.

This event is going to be held from 20. till 22. of September.

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