Rural – village eco tourism

If You are tired from chaotic and furious regime of city life, Serbian villages are the best place to find an oasis of peace. Whether You need active or real vacation, villages are perfect place to visit. Serbia eco tourism offers organic and healthy food, crystal clear sky, fresh and unpolluted air, domestic animal, thick forests and that is just a small part. Every tourist who is coming to Serbian village are about to feel incredible warmness and hospitality of the hosts. They will feel like they are staying at some close relative house and because of that You will for sure come there again.

Serbia’s relief is full of diversities. On the north there is a healthy Pannonia plain, which is characterized by old farms.

If you visit one of them, You will feel old fashioned way of living. Absolute peace and lavish food will delight and the most demanding guests.

Southern parts of Serbia and villages there are different than northern part. Central Serbia is known as a very large garden where fruit is growing and vegetables of superior taste and premium quality. The rural population still faithfully preserves the traditional way of life is worth working in the field and feeding of domestic animals. During the harvest in the summer and autumn months every village is a small factory where winter food preparation, fruit brandies, fruit juices by centuries guarded recipes hidden from the public eye. The most important products are raspberries, plums, grapes of which are made world-famous brandy, wine and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that have incredible flavor and color. And of the well known products is homemade cream, unique in the world in which he is widely known in Serbia.

As a visitor you have the opportunity for a perfect respite from urban life with fresh air, the smell of hay, flowers, and freshly mown lawn, clean drinking water and a river … There are many activities during the stay of walking through the woods, fishing, collecting herbs. The thing nobody will forget is the hospitality and delicious home-cooked food as a lifestyle, that is something that will break the dull monotony of urban gray.


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4 replies on “Rural – village eco tourism

  • Bozidar Simic

    Please kindely send me the list of all organic ( ONLY ) Etno selo in central Serbia. Thank you, Bozidar Simic

    • Serbia Incoming™ DMC

      Dear Božidar, please send your official request on our email. And please make your request more concrete.

  • Maria Wall

    I will travel with two children in Serbia mid May and are looking for a Place to stay 2-3 Days on the countryside. Preferrably where there are some animals and possibility to eat local food 🙂
    What do you recommend?


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