Waiting for BBQ Festival in Leskovac

One of the most renowned gastronomic festivals in Europe is approaching – the great Barbeque Festival in Leskovac, city in Southern Serbia. Over 1.000 BBQ masters from all over the world will show their skills in a contest for a prestigious title of Leskovac BBQ Master.

Serbian cuisine is one of the most peculiar mixtures of meat, fruit, vegetables and spices in Europe. Strong dishes are a trademark of many Serbian regions. Deriving from Slavic tradition, Serbs are very fond of all sorts of vegetables and fruits: in medieval times, Serbian specialty – dried fruits in honey was very appreciated in Europe. Also, dairy products were always highly appreciated – cream and cheese were considered the best, yet the most affordable delicacy. Abundance of rivers gave colour to our cuisine, and some of the fish were considered to have magical properties. Thanks to thick and vast forests, Serbian cuisine was based on game meat; which preserved until nowadays. Under the strong influence of Byzantine and later Ottoman Empire, Serbs managed to gather traditional Slavic cooking and outstanding Oriental and Mediterranean spices. Combined with fantastic wines, brandies or the oldest Serbian drink – mead, one cannot resist our specialties. Yet, if not the colorful cuisine, then tradition of respectful repast gave Serbian cuisine the world acknowledgement of quality.

So, if you feel the hunger for new and extraordinary, Serbia welcomes you at its South, in city of Leskovac, from 26.08 until 01.09.2013.


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