60.Belgrade documentary and short film festival

Jubilee 60. Festival of Documentary and Short Film Festival will be held from 2. to 6. April in the halls of Belgrade Youth and Cultural Center Hall and the New Belgrade’s “Fountain,” where there will be rerun of competition and related programs. One of the oldest film festivals in Europe and the world and the oldest in Serbia will be held under the slogan Riset (Reset). The competition program involves 35 national films and 48 films from abroad.

Following program will have eight sections: selected films from the Short Shorts Festival in Tokyo in program Made in Japan. London Calling program will feature the best films of the London Short Film Festival, while the Russian program Contrasts: Patriots and immoral focus on the antipodes of modern Russia: from political fanaticism to the flamboyant nightlife. How “hot” Ukrainian authors can be checked in Angry Ukrainians, who make films eponymous movement of filmmakers who deal with the problems of modern Ukraine.

The achievements from the region will be presented in program called “Neighborhood”, which this year has a special focus on the new Montenegrin film, which will present the film students from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje.

Traditional accompanying program “Vrelo” will address the topic of art therapy considered through the prism of five documentaries and short films from Europe and South America, while traveling festival brings UNAFF documentary “Sing Your Song” of  Harry Belafonte and his role in the civil rights movement in North America.

Shortly before the Festival, at 28. of  march in Smederevo and a day later in Sopot, awarded films from previous 58. and 59. Festivals will be presented.

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