5 reasons why your next corporate event organisation should be in Belgrade

Belgrade is, without any doubt, the most prominent destination for corporate event organization in Southeast Europe.

With 2 million citizens and a 7000 year long history, Belgrade is one of the biggest and oldest cities in the region and is filled to the brim with culture, history, first-class restaurants, top-notch hotels, beautiful surroundings and interesting incentives.  A conference in Belgrade is sure to meet all your requirements and surprise you with that little extra.

1. Accessible

More than 250 international flights from over 40 major world cities.

Serbia has three international airports, the main one being Belgrade`s Nikola Tesla International Airport (BEG) with an ideal location at the crossroads of major air routes with 37 airlines connecting the capital of Serbia with more than 70 destinations throughout Europe, Middle East, and North Africa in scheduled, charter and cargo air traffic.

2. Unique and Unforgettable Experience

Rising destination with a colorful history and bright future.

Located on the border where east meets west, Belgrade is the perfect place for your next conference or corporate meeting. Quite the newcomer on the MICE market and therefore still not fully exploited, the Serbian capital is quickly becoming a popular destination for companies looking for a different location for their corporate event. In fact Belgrade was recently ranked one of the 50th best meeting destinations in the world by ICCA.

3. Best Value

Top of the class service with reasonable prices.

Belgrade is still relatively cheap compared to other European cities, which guarantees you good value for your money. It is considered one of the least expensive congress cities in Europe and a recent study showed that you can host a conference at one of Belgrade’s biggest venues, Sava Centar, for about half of the price it would cost at a similar venue in many other European cities!

4. Extraordinary Nightlife

More than 120 clubs with various types of music every day in a week.

A lot of nightclubs, bars, and floating river clubs along the riverbanks make Belgrade nightlife some of the most exuberant in Europe. Clubs and bars in Belgrade compete with the rest of Europe in their decor and taste in music. With some located inside the walls of the Kalemegdan Fortress, hidden in passages or up stairwells, they serve up world-class live and DJ music and often stay open well into the late hours for a stylish clientele that knows how to have fun.

5. Spectacular Food

Excite your senses in our paradise of food.

The cuisine (and not only cuisine) was formed under the influence of all the cultures that lived in Belgrade throughout history and Belgrade restaurants will give you flavors of Mediterranean, Oriental, and central European (particularly Hungarian) dishes. Serbian food is as mouthwatering as they are healthy. Comprising chiefly of red meat, pork, and veal, there are hundreds of recipes that tourists can safely venture.

Top Class Event Management

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