13th IFUS International Street Artist Festival

05.09. – 07.09.2013.
Novi Sad, Serbia

Being a custom and in continuity over the years (from 2000) the citizens of Novi Sad are exhilarated by the Street Artist Festival which brings to their streets various international artists. Street playing as way of life, but also recognized art which has its own festivals and other ways of expression throughout the world. From the beginning of the millennium, the capital city of Vojvodina stands on the map of regular and annual street art gatherings and is visited by the world famous street artists who perform on prestigious festivals in Europe and beyond. In this way, the culture and spirit of their environment is brought to this area and exchanged with other admirers and performers of street art.

Street Artist Festival took place for the first time in 2001 and from then on has regularly been happening every year in September. The old town center with its old streets and squares is perfect for this kind of entertainment and the event spots. The programme has been divided into two wholes from the very beginning, the native and foreign scene.

By winning European Commission’s “European Cultural Festival” award, this manifestation reached the status of European Festival – the first one to achieve this status in Serbia so far. This way, Novi Sad became the site of Europe’s most acclaimed street performers, such as tightrope walker Ramon Kelvnik, hilarious stunt masters Baengditos, Portuguese musical attraction Re-Timbrar and the greatest Greek street theater Helix.

The Festival itself got a humanitarian character in 2012, given that all the proceeds that were placed in artists’ hats by the visitors were donated to patrons of Novi Sad’s home for children that work and live on the street, along with various other humanitarian missions directed towards children living in poverty.


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