Winter in Belgrade

If you haven`t made your mind yest about where to spare your New Year and January holidays, Serbian capital of Belgrade would definitely be the right place for You!

Winter in Belgrade, with it`s rich event calendar, will impress and satisfy Your this years expectations.

We are presenting You the list of those events, and we do hope You`ll find something right for you!

1. New Year Celebration

The New Year celebration usually starts in one of the Belgrade cafes, restaurants or bars. After, numerous night clubs and organized parties offers parties which lasts until morning hours. Good solution is to stay at cities squares where rich music program, fireworks, different gastronomy delicatessen and festive atmosphere await you.

2. Open Heart Street – January 1st

After crazy night, you should take a stroll to Svetogorska Street which in this occasion turns into the Open Heart Street. On this day, the 1st of January, in a carnival atmosphere adults drink boiled wine and rakija, congratulating New Year to each other, while children enjoy the numerous entertainment programs.

3. Orthodox Christmas -January 7th

On this day, Serbs are celebrating their Christmas. When in Belgrade on 7th of January, you should visit one of the Orthodox temples, where the tradition of celebrating this religious holiday has not changed for centuries: the Temple of St. Sava, Church of Saint Marko or the Church of the Ascension, known for one of the best church choirs in Serbia.

4. Serbian New Year – January 13th

Serbs are very well known as party people, so we have to celebrate the New Year twice! Serbian New Year is celebrated on 13th January, and on this day You should make a reservation at one of many inns with traditional cuisine, live music and an atmosphere to remember.

5. Choir, ballet and orchestra of Russian Army – January 17th

One of the most famous Russian military assemblies, the renowned Choir, ballet and orchestra of Russian Army will perform on January 17th at Sava Center.

6. Orthodox holiday Epiphany – January 19th

Dive for the icy Epiphany cross is organized on Ada Ciganlija lake within the city of Belgrade on this day. Despite January being the coldest month of the year, this event always attracts a large number of competitors, and spectators.

7. Big New Year Concert “The Great Johann Strauss Gala” – January 22nd

After numerous concert halls around the world, Strauss Festival Orchestra performs in Belgrade on 22th January at Sava Center.

All visitors in Belgrade during winter can also enjoy in ice skating, skiing in Kosutnjak, shopping, visiting numerous museums, galleries, theaters and operas.

Belgrade await You!

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